Thursday, September 30, 2010

What are you?

Mass Hole Tee 
Naaa,you could just be a dick!
E.O.S.B. 10'
Sara Huak on C.J.'s Pan-Shov
Fishin the Cape
Went fishing with Dirty on the Canal last night for "Stripahs".One of the weirdest times I've ever had.We're not sure but we think we saw a big ass shark 10 feet off of the rocks,a UFO buzzing us for 20 minutes,a fog bank that made the power plant disappear and a splash that sounded like a whale was doing a back flip out in the dark...I know I wasn't drunk off a pint and two shots.
Straight Crippin
J.L. stopped by the garage today for a few cold ones and to bring the chariot back.He's still on crutches but before long he'll be back on two wheels and rollin.
The Great Triumph Choppers, Overshadowed By Harleys...
 Triumph choppers are some of the classiest, old school-ish choppers you'll find. Harley Davidson has captured the hearts and minds of the world, but Triumph is a killer brand, and they don't get enough recognition in the chopper world.
Evil Knievel was being interviewed the other day and he said that his Harley would never hit the ramp straight and it would swerve at high speeds. But his Triumph was always "straight as an arrow".
He stayed with Harley Davidson because Triumph didn't have a sponsorship package...according to him. Evil knows a bit more about bikes, so I'll listen to his advice.
Maybe you should consider getting an old 60's or 70's Truimph and customize it? Hmmmmm...
Triumph choppers are as old and as famous as Harley Davidson choppers, except that these sleek machines are more favored in Europe than they are in the United States. Most choppers are custom built to mimic the look of the Triumph motorcycle's models from the 50's and 60's. This is the kind of chopper that rebels and loners such as Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and Clint Eastwood rode in movies of the same era.
Today Triumph is still the pride and joy of the British motorcycle industry. Their main production facilities are located in Hinkckley in Leicester England. The Triumph name dates back to 1885 when the founder of Triumph, Siegfried Bettman started adding motors to bicycles.
With the invention of the combustion engine in 1902, he produced the first powered two wheelers. Since then this company has produced many kinds of models including the very famous Bonneville, Thunderbird and Tiger series of bikes. To mimic the bold yet laid-back style of the Triumph, custom chopper builders will want to look for a frame that resembles a classic cruiser. This means that the seat is low-slung and features long forks for the wheels.
triumph bonneville chopperAnother identifying characteristic of true Triumph chopper is a transmission that is separate from the engine. The most popular engine for a Triumph is a parallel twin engine. A parallel twin engine is basically where two cylinders run parallel to one another in separate chambers. Triumph choppers usually had a 360 degree crankshaft (this is where the pistons rise and fall together.) The In-line Parallel twin has more vibration, lower RPM and less horsepower than other In-line engines. Engine parts are readily available and fairly inexpensive.
So if you buy a bike and chop it up, you can be sure there are parts around to build a Triumph chopper. The classic Triumph transmission is four speeds. A rare option is a transmission called the "slick shifter". This transmission was designed for racing and allowed shifting without having to pull in the clutch. The unit transmissions that were designed for Triumph choppers were four speed models until about 1972, when Triumph began manufacturing a five-speed transmission. If you are building a bike one customization you might want to consider is swapping the four-speed transmission for the newer five-speed edition.
The bikes, motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessories that Triumph produces are widely imitated by companies who produce clones for sale in what is called the aftermarket. Reproductions of genuine Triumph parts or parts that have similar stylings can be purchased in the aftermarket so that you can build an inexpensive chopper that looks just like the real thing.
Other features that distinguish the Triumph motorcycle from other kinds of choppers are a forward mounted foot shift, chromed foot pegs, raked handlebars, a slab style yoke, slash cut mufflers, pillion foot rest hangers, an 18 inch front wheel, disc brakes and elaborate chassis trim. Vast ranges of accessories that reflect the enduring popularity of Triumph choppers are also available to purchase online from the company's catalog.
Triumph provides everything you need to customize your Triumph chopper or motorcycle including custom-fitted leather saddlebags, sissy bars and the signature classic Triumph chassis trim.
Drawing inspiration from the past, Triumph motorcycles are classic machines that offer a rare combination of traditional styling and a kick ass attitude that is admired by custom built chopper enthusiasts all over the world.

This is mine,and it's a blast!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Saturday Night...
Check out the Antibodies...
View All Photos | ANTIBODIES 

Check em' out at:

 "These guys are fuckin rad,I saw them at a cook out 
and they played the coolest shit!"M.P.
--DOORS OPEN 8PM-21+-$5

Who Cares - Duane Peters 

OFFICIAL Skate Teaser - Back Label


What's the deal with this Douche? Using a FALCON motorcycle silhouette on your shirt... That says it all!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Word up!

Mmm mmm-XMiss XMischief' on "Butcher Shop" Louie's Ironhead

Los Angeles Times Mobile LogoBy Bob Pool and Rong-Gong Lin II, Los Angeles Times
Story posted 9/27/10

L.A.'s hottest day ever

It was so hot Monday that it broke the all-time record — and the weatherman's thermometer.
The National Weather Service's thermometer for downtown Los Angeles headed into uncharted territory at 12:15 p.m. Monday, reaching 113 degrees for the first time since records began being kept in 1877.More...
Just because
It's Sabina Kelley
Now Contributing...

I'm now an official contributing writer on FTW.MA...                                                                A place to find the best places Ma. has to offer on two wheels! Check out the MA. site or Worldwide for anywhere you want to go! FTW Massachusetts

Pensioner takes dogs for walk... and returns to find locks changed and a family living in his home

By Daily Mail Reporter-22nd September 2010

A pensioner who took his dogs out for a walk returned to find a family had moved into his home.
George Pope, 72, was unable to get into his council house because the locks were changed.
Mr Pope left his home in Barking, Essex, to take his dogs out to nearby Parsloes Park last Thursday, September 16.
Distraught: George Pope, 72, was unable to get into his council house because the locks were changed
Distraught: George Pope, 72, outside his home in Barking, Essex, that was taken over by a new family after he went out to take his dogs for a walk
The arthritis sufferer, who needs a stick to walk, started feeling ill and decided to stay at a friend's house until he was well enough to go home.
But when he returned to his house on Saturday morning, he was stunned to discover his locks had been changed.
He claims a man then walked up the path to his house and accosted him. 

'I said, "This is my place". But he said, "This is our property and we intend to stay here unless you go to court". It made me feel ill.'
He added: 'I have been shaking ever since. I get panic attacks. It's just terrible.'
Mr Pope immediately called the council and police.
But he claims they told him the new occupants could not be evicted because they were themselves victims of a scam.
Mr Pope said police claimed the residents, who he believes are from Lithuania, had paid £3,000 to a bogus estate agent to rent the property themselves for six months. 
The retired Dagenham Ford worker, who was forced to stay with friends, said: 'Police told me it looked like a civil matter.
'But the squatters were using my home, my gas and my electricity - it's absolutely disgraceful.'
Mr Pope went back to his house on Monday morning to find all his belongings had been thrown out.
Neighbours then helped the him gather up his documents, photographs and clothes.
Mr Pope suspects illegal estate agents of occupying buildings and letting them for money.
'I had been out for just two-and-a-half days. Someone must have been watching me,' he said.
'The rear door had been levered out with screwdrivers - that's how they got in.
Mr Pope left his council house in Barking, Essex, to take his dogs out to nearby Parsloes Park (pictured)
Innocent stroll: Mr Pope had taken his dogs to nearby Parsloes Park (pictured). He then stayed with a friend and returned two days later to find a family in his home. He believes they have been the victims of a scam by bogus estate agents
'My neighbours are now too frightened to go out anywhere in case the same happens to them,' he added.
A Met Police spokeswoman said: 'Police are investigating a civil dispute where there may have been fraudulent sub-letting of the premises.
'Anyone with information concerning the person who has fraudulently advertised this property for rent and subsequently changed the locks should contact Barking and Dagenham Police.'
Mr Pope, who has lived in the house for four years, was able to move back into his home last night after the family fled but said he is now scared to be there because next door is also being occupied by squatters.
He also claims some of his possessions, including a washing machine and an electric cooker have been taken and that the electricity system has been tampered with.
'The wiring has been ripped out and there are burn marks,' he said.
'The whole experience has been really traumatic.'
A Barking and Dagenham council spokesman said council officers visited the house yesterday and found it to be empty, allowing Mr Pope to move back in.
'The council’s repair service changed the locks and Mr Pope was able to return to his home,' he said.
'This was a highly unusual situation and we are working closely with the police to try and determine exactly what happened.
'By taking quick action we have been able to restore Mr Pope to his home without the need to apply to court for an eviction notice. This would have been a very lengthy process.
'We are also aware of a housing association property in this street that is also being squatted.
'We have contacted the housing association concerned and have asked them to try and resolve the situation.
'We are extremely pleased that Mr Pope is back in his own home.'

Congrats to the CannonBallers!
After pushing across the country for up to 3300 miles on close to if not 100 year old bikes they have made it from Kitty Hawk,NC to the Santa Monica,CA pier safe and sound,so I hear.See I live in MA. on the other side of the country and can't just run over there to check it out so I get my info from other blogs for info on things not so near.I follow many blogs around the world but his is where I read about it the most,check it out.They got way more info on this than me...

   ---------------The Vintagent-----------------------
      The World's #1 Vintage Motorcycle Site


Monday, September 27, 2010

Coming soon
TV party tonight...
I took the whole day,as you can see by the amount of posts,to relax after all the riding and crazy shit the last few weeks.When the ol' lady get's home we'll be doin the same over some dinner.Tomorrow is gonna be a totally different story...Lots of shit to get done!
Japanese protest plans for downtown Nike park
TOKYO — About 200 protesters banged drums and waved "No Nike" signs while marching Sunday in downtown Tokyo to oppose plans for a Nike-sponsored skateboarding park where construction has displaced dozens of homeless squatters.The face off between protesters on one side and the U.S. sneaker maker and the city on the other has underscored a relatively new debate in Japan about how to handle decisions on public space.Under a 10-year deal signed August 2009, Nike Inc. is planning to build a skateboarding facility sporting its "swoosh" logo in a grassy area and is paying 17 million yen ($200,000) a year for "naming rights." The park, now called Miyashita Park, will continue to be owned and operated by the city government, but will be renamed Miyashita NIKE Park, serving as an ad for the world's biggest athletic shoe and clothing company.More...

Hey Nike,Fuck You!Your ruining Skateboarding and better stay out of motorcycling you fuckers...
Don't Do It Army

This is Frickin Rad!

Worcester Palladium

Suicidal Tendencies
Death Before Dishonor

Sat. November 13th 2010
Tickets: $25.00 adv.- $28.00 door
Doors Open at: 6:00PM Show Starts at: 7:00PM

Heading out on a ride?
From the fellers over at
FTW Ride
Pick a country and state and see what there is to see and do.Also see what to avoid on the Trap Buster.
Stolen Dog

This is lady bug. She was stolen out off a car at the Lost Dog Pub of Cape Cod,MA. on 9/26/10. We were there after our softball banquet...there are witnesses that claim that she was stolen by people that were possibly at the banquet! Dave, the owner is VERY DEVISTATED! So all you animal lovers PLEASE PRAY TO KEEP HER SAFE and that she makes it back home to Dave!!! If anyone see's this dog(lady bug) PLEASE CALL DAVE @ 508-737-2186...and to whom ever did this Dave said if you bring her home to him as soon as possible he wiil NOT press charges...he just wants his sweet baby back!!!!!
Check it out:
Dirty Rotten Rides
Join us at Sign up and enjoy all the Hot cars,sick bikes and even hotter girls! 

Wet weather coming
Looks like rain for the next week.It's probably a good thing because me and my bike could use a break and make some repairs...

I left the link on this pic,have fun!
World news report:
Scientists finds small island off the African coast where WWII war wages on...

Party at Paul's yesterday
It was a small get together but a goodtime non the less.The grill caved in,there was no cheese for the burgers and Dirty bummed half of my cig's but still a good party.
Just had to cook in the middle 
Tis the season
Paul's KTM
Vaio's XS
Lane's old's and my junker Trump
Vaio's XS650 burn out
So after a few hours it was time to hit the road.With rain coming and the ol' lady gettin out of work I headed home to meet her for a few cold ones in the garage.On the way I took a few snaps of one of the windiest roads we have around here but they make it look pretty strait...

 October in Chicago
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