Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sidecar Racers...
Today's Trike 
Nope,not really what I'm lookin for but at least it's a Ford.

 -The description of this beast... "If your looking for a Trike Motorcycle, you may be interested in looking at the Stallion Trike from DFW Stallion Trikes also known as American Motorcycle convieniently located in Arlington, Texas. In the automotive world, the world "stallion" usually either conjures up images of a mustang or a certain prancing horse from Italy. Thoroughbred Motorsports would like to change that perception with their new three-wheeled vehicle. The company was started by Motor Trike, a company which turns normal two-wheeled touring style motorcycles into trikes. It seems that they got tired of working solely on machines designed by other companies, so they set their sights on making their own. The vehicle that they came up with is known as the Stallion, and uses mechanical parts from Ford for the drivetrain. Similarly, the interior sports gages and a steering wheel are right out of the Ford part catalog. The 2.3 liter four cylinder engine produces 155 horsepower and allows for a power-to-weight ratio similar to that the aforementioned 'stang. Most other main components were developed in-house. Interested in how it drives... er, rides? The Stallion gets excellent fuel economy, 35 mpg in the city and 45 on the highway. These estimates seem rather believable as well."

 "The "dash" also has air conditioning and heat for both the front and rear passengers, who ride the Stallion on tandem leather seats. And if that is not enough, it also comes with a Sony AM - FM radio, cup holders, Ford component gauges, Ford automatic shifter with cruise control and, of course, one brake pedal and one gas pedal.The Stallion also has a 9.5-gallon fuel tank, which is much larger than any motorcycles that I know of. Its fuel economy will rival that of some of the hybrid cars with 45-MPG Highway - 35-MPG City. According to these numbers, the cruise range should be close to 340 miles with a 2-gallon reserve."

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winged Motorcycle Wheel Patch - All Proceeds Go To Charity!

Winged Motorcycle Wheel Patch - 
All Proceeds Go To Charity!
From Lowbrow Customs:
  "A classic icon in motorcycling, the Winged Wheel. This embroidered patch measures in at 3" wide x 3-1/4" tall. 100% embroidered and featuring a heat seal backing so you can iron or sew this on.

100% of the sales of this patch will be donated to Room To Read. Our goal is to raise $12,000 by the end of June 2011. This will build three reading rooms or libraries in developing countries and help impoverished children get an education and help break the cycle of poverty. So it is a win-win situation, you get a bitchin' patch for $5, and all $5 goes to a support a worthwhile charity! You can see more info here."

Our Price:   $5.00 - Buy it here!

Friday, February 25, 2011

It is fuckin pourin out!
Could be worse.
Headin in the right direction
 Got in some work on the trike last night that will from now on be known as the "Big Booty Bitch"!
Got the header pinned up,should work our pretty good when the clutch pedal goes in.This design was my buddy John's ideas,the way I had originally done them they were in the way of where the pedal will be and after he started redesigning them I just got out of the way and let him go.It was givin me a headache thinking of all the different ways they could go.Need to get all the welding done on it,should be done and ready to go tonight. Work continues...
 Keep on wrenchin!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Better than rubbin two sticks together... 
This is what I think of to stay warm in the cold garage.
Tanks alot sucka's
Got the tank mounted,mostly,tonight.Just needs the straps and pads and it's ready to go,after the tank gets sanded and polished.

Oh shit,no you ditant...

Revenge Run 2
The After party

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Making progress...
Got some more shit done on the 3 wheeler today.Got the radiator mounts are all done.Was planning on mounting the gas tank on top of it but I'm gonna take another look at it tomorrow before making a bad decision so I left the brackets high.

Holy shit

Happy B-day T,two data later.This phone sucks and didn't send it, fuck it look at her...damn!Enjoy.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

In a perfect world...

This kid needs to Fuck off!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's back!
This is straight from the site word for word...

"Oh it’s on like donkey kong.
Greasebag. 2011. We’re motherfucking back.
Mark your calenders and start cranking on your garage projects so they’re ready in time. The full info will be coming out in a week or two, but here is the general downlow:
The greasebag is now going to be a 2-day, Sat-Sun event. Saturday: Ride New England backroads from MA to NH. Camp. Drink. Terrorize the locals. Pass out.
Sunday: Ride to Acme Choppers in Laconia for the bike show and party. Eat, drink, get stupid.
The greasebag is no longer during bike week.
Yeah, we’re done with that shit. The last weekend in July will be the new date for the greasebag moving forward. Better weather, less douchery. Win-win for us. No traffic, no overpriced everything. Plenty of killer roads to ride and less bro-dudes to deal with.
Admission is still free. We’re hoping to do a few new things for the people this year, but it’s too early to talk about.
We need sponsors, so if you’re interested, please get in touch (
Stay tuned."
Got a new toy today
After we,Goma and me,got done workin on the bogs we headed out for lunch.After a few drinks and some b.s. luck on Keno we to a role though his buddy's junkyard next store.After a quick walk checkin out crap after shit we found some cool toys.I pulled this fucker for a mere $20

also a cool aluminum tank for the trike.Gonna tear into it soon but not tomorrow.It is supposed to hit 60 degrees and I'm gettin lost on my other two wheeler for the day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meltdown Drags 

July 23rd 2011, Vintage Drag Meet, nostalgia drag racing, Byron IL, Abomination

Just because...
I got some work in today for Goma's old man on the bogs,oh ya,it's warmin up this weekend.
We'd like to Welcome...
Shaun McCurry, our new contributor here at Masshole Moto.Shaun is our Photographer extraordinaire.He can do things with a camera like few I've ever seen.If anyone is ever intersted in shootin some pic's with us (ie. use the sleds or scoots for mags,models lookin to get in on some pics,calendars,what ever...) Contact this guy,he's in charge of that!

 If you would like to see more of Shaun's work,and you should,Check out SMP Photography @
Got something done...
We met up at Paul's yesterday for our Tues night shop night to get some work in on his CB360 project.I grabbed a few pic's of some of his toys before I left.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Another night alone in the garage...

With the ol' lady workin fuck it, I'm drinkin.
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Just so she knows...

That I care.
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That do do it for me!

That don't do it for me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

R.I.P. Buddy
Chance Ramsey / 1994-2011 

You will be missed!
H-D Outperformers!

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