Friday, July 30, 2010

North east Support
Help a girl out.Heather, from the Broken Spoke Saloon in Laconia N.H., is taking her father’s loss and showing that their is a way to move forward. Please join her tomorrow and be apart of the memorial ride dedicated to her father Dan Duggan. For more information, please go to
laconia ride
 Wanna make a movie...
riders are needed for filming of this movie starting this Saturday. If interested, be at the Aqua Grill in Sandwich, Saturday, 7/31 @ 10:00 a.m. Wear all black and sunglasses...WTF

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For Lee!
  It's a benefit for Lee Bender, so help a brother out!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spent my day hunting...

Help Joe!

Joe was hit and is laid up in pretty bad shape.
Clarke from Freak out the squares site has set up
a T-shirt support fund to help out with the expenses.
Go here Freak out the Squares and buy a shirt..
Or go to Hated of the World and buy a t-shirt and show some 
support there!

L.A. art show
Got this from Kustomking
Saturday July 31st, Known Gallery will present Bob Roberts & Bert Krak's Ladies Welcome show, which will run until August 21st.

What's particularly exciting about the show, in addition to the art on view of course, is the release of In A World of Compromise...I Don't by Bob Roberts -- the first book ever on the tattoo legend.
Copyright KustomKing 2009. Fine-Life & Rare-Style
"  Cool thing is I'll be in L.A. by the 20th.See you there.M.P."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Free show
Progressing nicely...
Got a little more done today.The water return pipe was right in line with where we are running one of the exhaust pipes so we had to make a new one.A few weldable elbows from the plumbing supply worked just fine.Tomorrow we should be able to get the exhaust done now that we know where the water pipe is.More to come.
I can't wait till it snows and the trike is on the road.Should be a good time!
Bang! Boff! Pow! Boom! Gay?

Maloof Money Cup O.C. Course Unveiled 

EXCLUSIVE: Maloof Money Cup OC Course Unveiled


Sunday, July 25, 2010

More progress...
Well we got it.Not having a proper jig made it a real pain in the a$$ but we finally got the neck mounted in the right place.Took all day Saturday to get it just right and it didn't help that it was over 100 for the most part.Now we can get to gusseting it in and then the frame is just about done.We mounted the front end for the simple fact that we're like a couple of 5 year old and couldn't wait to see it on there.Next we'll be stripping it and finish all the welding and making all the gussets so we can move on to the making go part...
Unc hung in there today even in the heat.He'll be heading back to TX soon for work so he has to get re-used to the hot days he'll be dealing with down there.
He got some practice today.
Manomet Mystery Riders Cookout
Today we headed over to the M.M.R. Cookout in Manomet,MA.It was 110 in the shade and everyone was hung over but it was a good time.We had some burgers,cold beers and a few shots off of the hose to keep us goin.Shattered play all afternoon and put on a good show,BEER BREAK!The bike games kicked off at about 2 and the slow races were first.Ryan and me jumped in but I got cut first round.Ryan made it to 3rd place,but may have taken the whole thing if his bike didn't stall.A lot of good people and some cool bikes,see you next year.
Masshole parking only!

Ryan and me headin to the slow races
Mellisa from Shattered decided to trade in the mic for a weinee,and did a great job.Lucky weinee.
The ladys were lining up to try for a weinee!

Found this on BellaDonna Trackers.Not sure what to think of them

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dancing the jig
Hit a wall today,nothing big,all fixed now but we lost a day and had to start the front end again.Mocked up a jig this time and made the cuts but tired,been at it all day,so I'll get back to it later.The front end WILL be on tomorrow!

Made it adjustable for lining up the height but for the rest it's a matter of measuring off the frame and axles and moving the jig to line it up.
One World Tour Teaser
The new movie from Zack & Scott of Choppertown

Thursday, July 22, 2010

 Doin it Baja
This is how I want to role soon! Looks absolutely awesome!
from VBS.TV
 WTF Dude
I've seen knife fight start from line ups with less people than this!

The Birth of Big Air

Got this off of BCM

 The schedule...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

 More Progress
Had a tough time with header since their hard to find and a stoke one won't work for us anyway...
Started on the flanges today,almost done.It was just hot today so I'll finish up tomorrow.Plus we should be picking up the neck tomorrow from the machine shop so the front end should be on by Fri.

Show Your support

Curtis vs Cancer Fundraiser
22 August · 12:00 - 18:00 - VFW 5 Gibbs Park Rd Onset Ma.
  The Bristol County Ruff Ryders are calling upon everyone to please help support Curtis' cause. The proceeds generated from the fundraiser, will assist with the purchase of a central air unit and air purifier, necessary for his health.

We will be holding a party for this event at the ONSET VFW beginning at NOON. Tickets will be on sale, $10 for adults and kids under 12 are free. There will be food, a DJ, games for the kids, bike show w/trophies for best bike (3 divisions sport, custom, vintage), 50/50 raffle and auction.

Additionally, a motorcycle run, in Curtis' honor, will start at Decas School in West Wareham. Registration will begin at 11am and will be rolling out at 12:30 SHARP. The run will finish at the ONSET VFW making a GRAND entrance at 1:30pm.More...

For donations (or additional info) contact me at or You can visit Curtis' website at

"I'm gonna be in L.A. that week so I don't think I'll get there.This sucks since it's only 3 miles from my place.As for the rest of you,get your ass's over there and help this kid out!If anything changes I'll be there." M.P.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Harley Continues Promoting in Latest Maxim Spread

 If you’ve picked up the latest copy of Maxim magazine you’ll find Kelly Brook spread out across the spine an American Fat boy.  More...

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