Sunday, July 25, 2010

Manomet Mystery Riders Cookout
Today we headed over to the M.M.R. Cookout in Manomet,MA.It was 110 in the shade and everyone was hung over but it was a good time.We had some burgers,cold beers and a few shots off of the hose to keep us goin.Shattered play all afternoon and put on a good show,BEER BREAK!The bike games kicked off at about 2 and the slow races were first.Ryan and me jumped in but I got cut first round.Ryan made it to 3rd place,but may have taken the whole thing if his bike didn't stall.A lot of good people and some cool bikes,see you next year.
Masshole parking only!

Ryan and me headin to the slow races
Mellisa from Shattered decided to trade in the mic for a weinee,and did a great job.Lucky weinee.
The ladys were lining up to try for a weinee!

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