Friday, April 30, 2010

She's a beaut!

Phil over at Prohibited Garage Co. Got his Trumpet all put
back together and she's lookin good,Check her,J.M. (Rugburns)
Yammi 650 and all the other maddness out over @...

Prohibited Garage Co

They're back!
The Stripers,no not strippers are back on Cape.Pulled my first one today,plenty more to go!
No,this aint it,mine was a little bigger.
Calendar Kitten Model
Search July 18th 2010 Calendars presents the 2010
Calendar Kitten Model Search Pageant
Model Search Pageant at the 2010 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show + Calendar Girl Music Festival Weekend July 18th 2:30 pm...More

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just got the new flyer
from the Tumbleweeds M.C

Last year was a blast.Hundreds of cool old bikes and people,this year should be no different.
See you there!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Are you kidding me?
Doing The Biker Wave.
Doing the biker wave...GAY!?!
If you drive a motorcycle, you know about “The Wave”.  “The Wave” is your rolling connection to the biker brother & sisterhood, but is there a special secret to this wave?
Please,go to this site and read on.Also feel free to leave a comment if you like,I did!

Motorcycle Etiquette: How Not To Wave Like A Dork!

W.T.F. If I don't know you why would I wave?When you have to worry about how you WAVE to other people maybe you should just drive the Volvo to the H.D. open house!!!

From Biltwell...

Here's the deal: We're riding motos to Mexico and you are invited. We're staying/camping on the bluff at Quatro Casa's 156 miles south of the border.
Biltwell 500 Map jpeg

How Much: Richard at Quatros charges $15 per person, per night. You get a spot on the bluff to camp, you can skate the bowl all you want, use the BBQ area, and if you are one of the first few people you might even get one of the hostel's 20 beds. You can also rent surfboards, etc. There are three showers and four toilets. This is worth $15 so don't be a cheap ass and pay the man. We are not charging any ride fees or registration.
For more go to... the Biltwell 500

Last ride?!?W.T.F.

David Morales Colón's unusual wake.
(Photo courtesy of Primera Hora)
Here at the offices of USRiderNews, we thought we’d seen it all. After receiving notice of this unusual (to say the least) wake at a Puerto Rican funeral home, we can admit that we haven’t seen anything. According to the AP and Autoblog, 22 year old David Morales Colón was shot to death last Thursday and when friends and family came to pay their respects, instead of a traditional layout in a coffin, Colón was embalmed, casually dressed and configured in a lifelike riding position atop his Repsol-liveried Honda CBR600 F4. According to Puerto Rico’s Primera Hora newspaper, the motorcycle was given to the victim by his uncle, and since he loved it so much it was brought by the family to the funeral home with the intention for him to be displayed in this unorthodox but visually stunning


It's a Blast!

Movie tells the story of 

Neutral Nation

By Rick Massimo

Journal Pop Music Writer...more

It’s telling that, while “It’s a Bash!,” the latest from Rhode Island documentarian Dave Bettencourt, is the story of the formation, breakup and reunion of Rhode Island punk-rock elder statesmen Neutral Nation, the subtitle isn’t “The Neutral Nation Story” or anything like that.
It’s “A Film About Being In a Band.”

And while the one-hour film, which premieres Friday at Lupo’s, traces the history of Neutral Nation, along the way it’s a remembrance of the kind of live-music scene that made the band possible and sustained them, and a celebration of the bonds that form among the members of a band over the decades.


Neutral Nation Counting down the days....

Manomet Mystery Riders 
Blessing of the bikes-May,2 10'

MMR Bike Blessing Sunday, May 2 - meet at Gellar's at noon, blessing at 1 pm
Staging at Gellar's Ice Cream at Noon.
$5 per person
Short ride through Manomet and onto St. Bonaventure's Church for the blessing at 1
pm. We will then continue on one of our "mystery" rides afterwards. Contact Tom Cole
for more info at: 508-317-2734

Perewitz Bike Blessing and Open House

Saturday, 15 May 2010-10am-4pm
Come check out the Perewitz shop at our Open House and Bike Blessing! We will have free giveaways, sales, custom motorcycles, airbrushed tattoos and you never know who might show up!  
 A little more info...
Also,Our Bike Nights start June, mark the dates on your calender

June 9th (due to Laconia it's early!)
July 21st
August 18th
Sept. 15th

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Revenge Run photos are pouring in!

Check them out here:  Revenge Run photos
Sound Action LTD presents:

41st Annual C.S.R.A.
Spring Swap Meet

Works of G.T.P.
Random pics I found snooping around on his F.B. page.

Welcome to MotorcycleRoads.US your one-stop resource for great motorcycle roads in the US™ since 2003. Our mission is to provide a listing of some of the best motorcycle roads you can ride. Emphasis is placed on 'two-lane blacktop' and the road less traveled, however, some Interstate, other limited-access highways, and roads in urban areas are listed.

Select a state from the map to find great motorcycle roads in the US. Enjoy your ride or trip and remember, Ride Safe!
usa map
Oh Jenna,not you too!

 Jenna Jameson's boyfriend has been arrested and slapped with a restraining order for allegedly beating up the porn queen.Tito Ortiz was taken in handcuffs from the home the two share and charged with felony domestic violence.Jameson—her arm in a medical brace—told reporters she was "completely shocked"that he would assault her. "Tito is a loving, sweet man. I've always supported him," she said. "For him to lash out at me is shocking." Ortiz's lawyer insists that his client never touched Jameson and blames the retired porn star's Oxycontin addiction for the incident.
"Jenna has been fighting a battle with Oxycontin addiction for the past year. For Tito and her family, this has been an uphill battle. Unfortunately ... she had a relapse," the mixed martial arts fighter's attorney said. "Tito was trying to help her, she has threatened suicide before. Tito has done everything in his power to protect her privacy and the privacy of their children."
Tito also spoke. "It means the world to me, my friends and family for their support," he said. "My parents have been through an addiction and I see it in the mirror again. I am not going to let my family go through that. I speak from my heart, I hold everything dear to my heart that Jenna will be OK."
Jenna fired back at the father of her children, saying that his allegations are "completely false,".
Ortiz has since been released on $25,000 bail.

 "Take it from a divorced guy like me,this is some Bull Shit. I bet this guy was just trying to talk to her about her drug problem and she went nuts,now he's the bad guy.I've been right where he is,not that my ex was doing drugs (that I knew of) but the situation it self.It is so easy to think that the poor women was abused by this big bad man when she probably did more abuse to him.And now she'll take the kids and expect him to pay out the ass for them...W.T.F."   M.P.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Windells Concrete Jungle

Windells Concrete Jungle! from Windells on Vimeo.
Avast mateys!
This just in from the Revenge Run weekend... 
 Just saw some of the pic's and it looks like it was a great time.
Damn I wish I could have made it to that! Oh well,can't have it all.
Check it out here:
Revenge Run blog spot
 Ride to Skate 4,lets go!
I'd like to get a crew together for this so if anyone from the North East feel like goin get a hold of me soon.


This would be my route...

View Larger Map

Gentleman, Start Your Engines! 

Written by Felicia Morgan   
Saturday, 24 April 2010 20:19
Pope, Sears, Flying Merkel, Excelsior, Henderson, Indian, Triumph, and the Harley-Davidson’s Silent Grey Fellows. These are but a few of the vintage, pre-1916 motorcycles that will be thumping their way across these great United States for the Motorcycle Cannonball endurance run in September 2010. Riders will virtually dip their tread in the salty waters of the East Coast’s Atlantic Ocean as the officials wave the green flag, then come to rest some 3,320 miles later, at the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean’s West Coast.
Usually on display in museums, private collections, or in Harley-Davidson dealerships, packs of antique motorcycles will leave their prestigious perches and hit the road, being put to the test during this grueling coast-to-coast pursuit as their riders navigate the back roads and byways of our great nation. Some motorcycles will be built specifically for this challenge in accordance to the event’s stringent qualifying rules. Many may not complete the ride and the drama will build as the course determines how many will, indeed, finish. Following along the paths of their forefathers, each of the riders and their machines will be pushed to the very limit as the procession rolls from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to Santa Monica, California, during the two-week odyssey.
Cannonball’s Course Master, John Classen, has painstakingly mapped out a route for the hearty men and women motorcyclists that squarely address the particular nuances of this ride. "Our route was chosen in order to avoid having the riders enter a single interstate whenever possible. We’ll have 12 hours of daylight each day, and a goal of having every rider check in at the day’s ending point 1 hour before sunset. We don’t want anyone having to deal with the safety issues of meeting up with the local wildlife after dark, and we are expecting some break downs."
Classen is well aware of the ins and outs of these types of contests. With over 20 years experience directing various motor sport competitions, a long-time member of the Sports Car Club of America, and having personally competed as a navigator in the Great Race for five years, where he won the title of Champion Navigator for the race in 1984, John knows his way around a route. In March, he will personally drive the shore-to-shore course for the Motorcycle Cannonball in the first of two pre-run trips to produce precise driving instructions for entrants and to smooth out any wrinkles along the way.
While each competitor in this unique event is obviously enamored with his or her motorcycle and the history contained therein, few have actually ridden a course of this magnitude, let alone on a 95-plus-year-old machine. Contestants are from all walks of life and include museum owners, authors, and collectors as well as restorers, builders, mechanics, and an Iron Butt rider. Entrants come from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States. Some have already begun rigorous training in order to endure the harsh physical demands the ride will require.
The Motorcycle Cannonball, named after the famed Erwin “Cannonball” Baker, who set 143 driving records from 1910 through the 1930’s, dares contestants to live up to the records set by men like Baker. Setting his first record on an Indian motorcycle in 1914, Cannonball made the coast-to-coast ride in 11 days. George Wyman was first to set a trans-continental record in 1903, taking 50 days to do so, and many other historical riders followed suit.
For the 2010 ride, some of the same challenges face riders that concerned their brave forefathers: gas availability, machine’s performance, and physical strength. Nothing was then, nor will be now, taken for granted as the modern-day motorcyclists measure themselves against our country’s most beloved and respected motorcycling ancestors.
This spectacular event is an opportunity of a lifetime for its participants. Lonnie Isam, Jr., promoter and owner of Jurassic Racing in Sturgis, South Dakota, is looking forward to the ride. Having admitted that the most he’s ever logged on a pre-1916 in a day is about 50 miles, he’s aware that there’s a real challenge ahead of him and the others. “You know, this started out as just a bunch of guys wanting to go for a ride that we’d been planning out over the years, maybe 15 or 16 of us. Then everybody started hearing about it and wanted to get in on it and it just grew.” Now, facing a full field of vintage motorcycles and anxious riders preparing to hit the wide-open road, the gauntlet has been thrown. Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up your kidney belts. It’s going to be an exciting, historical, bumpy ride.
Motorcycle Cannonball Coast to Coast Antique Motorcycle Race.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

 Cape Cod B.K.'s 34th Blessing of the Bikes
"This is the ORIGINAL Cape Cod & Islands Blessing and
is always the 1st Sunday of May....RAIN OR SHINE!" C.C.B.K.  

Blessing info

Or find out more here @

Don't know if I'll even make an attempt to get to this but wanted to put it out there.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Got 50 miles in today...
Left the house at about 2 after welding out on a cranberry bog all morning in the sun and it was 77 degree's out.I was a bit tired since I had gone golfing,ya right,the afternoon before and then went on a bit of a bar hop but I felt obligated to take the bike out for a run.Only had a t-shirt on but it was fine,made me laugh every time I passed a guy in all kinds of cold weather gear,actually saw girls in scarves and guys in face masks...w.t.f.-hahaha.It was beautiful weather all day but rains coming in for the next few day's.Fine with me,it will give me time to work on the Yami! L8

Just picked this up off the Freak Out blog and wanted to pass it on... 
 Ride to Skate Pre-Party

-The details are set and final. So fuckin stoked to have my 3 favorite bands in the Philly area coming together to throw down this show for us. All of these guys are solid friends and even if they didnt plug in it would be a real good time. Friends are rad. Lowside Magazine having issue 2 done and having their release party there is the last wrinkle to work out. Choppahead DVD's playing on the tubes to watch Big Truth for some eye candy. Real cool bar and PBR pounders. Its an early show so dont slack. Here's the deal. Saturday, May 15th. $5 cover. Doors open at 7 and bands to start around 7:30. The Kung Fu Necktie is at 1250 North Front Street, 2 blocks off of Girard in the Northern Liberties/Fishtown section of Philly.

Backwoods Payback- It was just reported that these guys have a measurable effect on church attendance. After a Backwoods show, people either go more or never again. Rumor has it that Mike used to roadie for G.G Allen but got asked to leave because he rocked and partied too hard.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Have a good time!

Have a good time down there,wish I could have made it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Crazy Broads...Good for you!
Just get rid of the kook that's narratin this!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Craigslist find of the day:

Hardtail Bobber Springer seat, Straight pipes, Fully Street Legal - $1500 (Gardner,MA.)

 Reply to:

1975 Kawasaki KZ 400 hardtail bobber that looks like Triumph Twin. Almost everything on bike has been gone over by former mechanic. Completely rebuilt engine with almost full spare. New tires and wiring, clutch cable, headlight, bulbs, battery, etc. Custom wrapped exhaust, custom front and rear fenders, all painted flat black. Bike is not a new show piece, definitely built more in the spirit of a true old school chopper with a kick start and springer seat. Because it is small, it does ride comfortably over bumps and the engine is super easy to kick over, even when it warms up. Has turn signals and it is completely street legal (was on the road last season)
Reply with email or call 978.895.2895

image 1699191005-0 image 1699191005-1
image 1699191005-2 image 1699191005-3

Come Inside The Rectum Bar!

Come Inside The Rectum Bar For A Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The WallHave you ever heard of a Rectum Bar outside of Vienna, Austria? All anatomically correct.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hell on Wheels MC MotoRally & Pageant
Found at the Lowbrow F.B. page

Check out the Hell on Wheels MC MotoRally and Pageant in Lake Elsinore, CA on June 5th. Hell on Wheels is looking for riders and pageant beauties so hit them up!
From last years event...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cycle Source digi
Make sure to check out the embed vid on the bottom of the first page.
Scottish super beer banned?
If it ain't Scottish,it's crap!

Tokyo bottle 

 BrewDog BrewSheet

Malts:Marris Otter, Dark Crystal, Caramalt, Chocolate Malt, Roast Barley
Twist:Brewed with Jasmine and Cranberries. Dry-Hopped then aged on oak chips.

Available in 330ml bottles

--These words by MIKE BRODY Fox25 news:
A Scottish brewery is being called "irresponsible" after debuting a new beer that contains 18.2 percent alcohol. BBC News reports just one bottle of the powerful "Tokyo" contains six units of alcohol -- the same as three pints of normal-strength lager.
BrewDog , the makers of the potent beer, insist the ale will actually cure binge-drinking because it's so strong that heavy drinkers will down less of it, but Alcohol Focus Scotland says the brewers' claims are "deluded."
"This company is completely deluded if they think that an 18.2 percent abv (alcohol by volume) beer will help solve Scotland's alcohol problems," Alcohol Focus Scotland Chief Executive Jack Law said. "It is utterly irresponsible to bring out a beer which is so strong at a time when Scotland is facing unprecedented levels of alcohol-related health and social harm."
BrewDog has produced 3,000 limited edition bottles of Tokyo , which will only be available through its Web site or specialist retailers.
Earlier this year, drinks industry watchdog the Portman Group wanted another BrewDog beverage called Speedball withdrawn because it shared a name with an infamous drug cocktail which combines heroin and cocaine.

This is a beer inspired by a 1980’s space invaders arcade game played in Japan’s capital.
This imperial stout is brewed with copious amounts of speciality malts, jasmine and cranberries. After fermentation we then dry-hop this killer stout with a bucketload of our favourite hops before carefully ageing the beer on French toasted oak chips.
It is all about moderation. Everything in moderation, including moderation itself. What logically follows is that you must, from time, have excess. This beer is for those times.

Or if your real fuckin nut's...
Sink the Bismarck! from BrewDog on Vimeo.

BrewDog press appearancesBrewDog press appearancesBrewDog press appearancesBrewDog press appearancesBrewDog press appearancesBrewDog press appearancesBrewDog press appearancesBrewDog press appearances

Thursday, April 15, 2010

R.I.P. Goliath!
Stopped in at Gilda's Stone Rooster,a local watering hole that's been around here since before I was and less than 2 miles from my place.I  found out that her dog Goliath has passed on.I used to walk him at night when she was to busy to do it at the bar.He will be greatly missed by me and many others!
I had one for you tonight buddy,well 6 or so...Miss you boy.
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