Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's a Blast!

Movie tells the story of 

Neutral Nation

By Rick Massimo

Journal Pop Music Writer...more

It’s telling that, while “It’s a Bash!,” the latest from Rhode Island documentarian Dave Bettencourt, is the story of the formation, breakup and reunion of Rhode Island punk-rock elder statesmen Neutral Nation, the subtitle isn’t “The Neutral Nation Story” or anything like that.
It’s “A Film About Being In a Band.”

And while the one-hour film, which premieres Friday at Lupo’s, traces the history of Neutral Nation, along the way it’s a remembrance of the kind of live-music scene that made the band possible and sustained them, and a celebration of the bonds that form among the members of a band over the decades.


Neutral Nation Counting down the days....

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