Friday, April 2, 2010

I took this word for word from Kustom King's blog just so I got it right.

Europe's 100 HP motorcycle limit
This might be in Europe right now but check it out anyway,this could be us some day!

There's a lot of sensational misinformation surrounding proposed European Union regulations that could see all motorcycles sold there restricted to 100 HP, so we've asked Norwegian journalist Ivar Kvadsheim to break things down for us. Even if the power limit doesn't become law, it looks like mandatory ABS and linked brakes could.

- EU is working on new legislation for motorcycles. Loads of big and small directives concerning type approval of motorcycles are put into one new framework regulation.
- While they're at it they also want to look at adding new measures to improve safety and lower emissions.
- Whatever the framework regulation ends up looking like, it'll be passed as law in all EU-countries, basically all of Europe.

What's happening now?
- The EU Commission (the bureaucrats) is working on the proposal for the EU Parliament (the politicians) to vote over. They want this proposal ready before the summer and have the vote as soon as possible.
- The motorcycle industry (ACEM), the motorcyclists' federation (FEMA) and various road safety organizations are lobbying like mad.

Should European motorcyclists worry?
Yes. Some of the proposals the Commission is working on can potentially change everyday life for every European motorcyclist. FEMA (in some cases working with ACEM, in others against them) are directly involved in negotiations over the final draft, but so are other groups with other interests. There's no telling what can be stopped or not before the proposal reaches the politicians. Whatever happens when they get it is anyone's guess.
From - KustomKing

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