Monday, March 19, 2012

Taking a break...

Just love a drunkin asshole...
Apparently I can be one too.Not really how I remember it but no one really cares...
On a separate note,I have kinda just lost interest in every thing at the moment.I'm startin a new job on Mon. and I just want some time to get my head ready.Be back when I feel a bit more interested but for now FTW.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Paddy's

Happy St. Paddy's!
Headin to Boston's for breaky and booze.
Enjoy your day,I'm gonna do my best too...
Brandy Talore naked for St. Patty's Day


Got the XS down at CHKC done and out the door a few nights ago

I'll miss the little bitch...But I'm sure she'll be back.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just Because

Just Because...
I had to pick up my new phone yesterday after my old one crashed last week.So I head over to get it and they tell me that they need the old one in trade.I run home,grab the old one and head back again.He hands me a dead phone,after checking it on the plug,and I'm on my home to charge it and set it up again.2 miles I ran out of fuckin gas on my bike,with a dead phone...

Today,new phone won't work off of the cord?!?!? Drop off my 2 phone in as many days because it was junk too,have too wait till tomorrow for the new new one.
 -Thanks Sprint for not getting it right again...

I think that say's "FUCK SPRINT!" above her beav...


Three days to maddness!
This Saturday is gonna be a farkin blast...


Finishing up...
 on the Ho frame.Had an idea to make a clean cut on the wheel stays...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Boy

Happy Birthday 
To my son Ethan.He is 9 years old today.
Love you kiddo.


Choppertown Nations
3rd Annual Backyard Builder Contest
By Zack at C/N...

The fat lady sang and we put it in the books!  We had ten judges and used the BORDA system to arrive at the fairest final count.  Let the banter begin!  What do you guys think?
Please enjoy the pics of the winning bikes and pass them along for all to enjoy.  Thanks to everyone who participated, hopefully it was fun for all.  
 Awesome prizes and C/N link badge will be awarded to the top 4 in each category:

  • 1st place: Biltwell lid, Dickies Workshirt, Lick's goodies, Shirt and goodies from Baker, Dice Magazine, Choppertown DVD Combo, Free movie stream at
  • 2nd place: Dickies Workshirt, Lick's goodies, Shirt and goodies from Baker, Dice Magazine, Choppertown DVD Combo, Free movie stream at
  • 3rd place: Shirt and goodies from Baker, Dice Magazine, Choppertown DVD Combo, Free movie stream at

Don't forget to support our SPONSORS who made this possible:

1st PLACE:

2nd PLACE:

3rd PLACE:


More at: 

Please pass this link along and repost it...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Because

Just Because...
Fuck that interview today,fuck my neighbors,fuck the world and fuck the fact that the ol lady just went to work with my keys in her car...
-I'm gonna go buy me some mutha fuckin beer!


Cracka ass mutha fuka's...
So one of my neighbors kids got his licence a few months back and immediately turned into one of them little faggot "Street Racer" types.This town is full of them,they even have a little crew that hang at the gas station down the street. All his buddy's come over with their systems bumpin all the time and their hats on just a little crooked.They sit out on the deck out back and smoke weed when the parent's ain't home and try and stair me down when I'm out in the garage workin on shit.They shoot BB guns at shit and act like their "gangsta's"...Well today the ol' lady was takin a nap before work and their out there with the shit boomin for about 20 minutes.I finally lost it and went out the front door.I yelled over to the kid to turn it down.I tried,no big deal just do me a favor and lower it down and we ain't got no problems,you go be idiots and I'll try not too pay any attention too you.Well,they just couldn't do it.They just had to get all mouthy and try and be cute."No old ass mother fucka's gonna tell me off son!" and all that shit.Kid's buddy tried to gimmy the stink eye so I called him out on it and he get's all sour and defensive,"What you talkin bout man,we just workin on this car and shit." So now I'll wait and see how they plan on punkin me out...
-Who the fuck do these little bastards think they is talkin smack to grown ass people.Shit's gotta change! Maybe his dad will come over to tell me off...I'll be waitin.
Fuk u son,I pimped out my moms PT Cruzza with a doe kit.I knock u da fuk out son.Less roll dog....
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