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OAKLAND / Trying to save their skate park / Caltrans plans to tear down illegal site

August 03, 2005|By Jim Herron Zamora, Chronicle Staff Writer

  • A group of skateboarders and their supporters have, over the past year, built a skate park under an elevated section of Interstate 580. Chronicle photo by Chris Stewart
    A group of skateboarders and their supporters have, over the past year, built a skate park under an elevated section of Interstate 580. Chronicle photo by Chris Stewart
    Credit: Chris Stewart
D'ontae Smith took a break from riding the double halfpipes Tuesday to say that Bordertown Skate Park was about the coolest thing to do in Oakland.
"It's really the only place to skate in Oakland," said D'ontae, 15, who skated at the West Oakland park Tuesday. "We built it. We love it. It's the best."
But it also happens to be illegal. The volunteers who cleared trash, dug holes, built the metal frame and poured concrete to build the elaborate Bordertown Skate Park last summer on formerly trash-covered no-man's land underneath Interstate 580 never got permission from the property's owners -- the California Department of Transportation.
Now, Caltrans officials -- who discovered the park under the MacArthur Maze only last week -- have warned the skateboarders that they plan to demolish it next Wednesday because that land is needed for storage during the construction of a new freeway on-ramp at MacArthur Boulevard near San Pablo Avenue.
"We need this space for the ramp project," said Caltrans spokesman Jack Gaines, who visited the skate park for the first time Monday. "We were planning to put the pile drivers right here. It could really be a hazard. It's way too close to the construction project."
Gaines said workers had first noticed the park when they went under the freeway to count the number of homeless encampments that would have to be cleared before the construction began.
But they were surprised to learn that a group of neighborhood volunteers, skateboard enthusiasts and local teenagers had forced the homeless to move a few hundred yards and built one of Northern California's most elaborate skate parks near 3400 Louise St. Bordertown takes up less than an acre on the lot, which is several hundred acres.
"This place was a dumping ground," said Brian Mitchell, 27, a park co- founder who lives a block away. "It was covered with trash. There were homeless people and crackheads everywhere. And it seemed like every night some construction guy would dump a load of stuff at the dead-end because it's cheaper than going to the dump."
Mitchell, who does not skate, said he just wanted to clean up the area and "do something good for West Oakland." But his neighbor, skateboarder Josh Matlock, 30, wanted to build a renegade skate park similar to one that was torn down in San Francisco last year. So on June 10 of last year, they began cleaning up the area and laying the foundation for the park, which has grown to include several 8-foot-tall smooth concrete halfpipes.


Bordertown Demolished
From Thrasher Mag

Unfortunately, Bordertown met its fate yesterday.

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Photos: Ken Nagahara

Fuckin Lame!The crack heads will be back in there in a week.That's way better than the kids havin fun and learnin new skills...

Tonight on SOA...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Just because...
Every time I bring my boy back to his mothers I feel like I'm missing a piece of myself.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oh ya... 
Almost forgot.
To you and yours,unless your one of them Comi pinko fagots...Then you can go shit in your hat while me and mine eat some bird.
Uh Oh...
Sounds like it might be 

Just let me know...
Maybe it's not for you...
Liberty Tool
"The whole idea is to help support the working people of New England and to allow them access to the tools that they need to provide for their families".

There's No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool from Etsy on Vimeo.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Puttin in work...
Got a message from Jay @ CHK last weekend and he asked if I was into apprentice at the shop.I'm down to  learnin some new shit and gettin my hands dirty on some tools I ain't got at home so I accepted the offer and am now on board.

This is gonna be a great way to enhance my skills and I'd like to thank Jay for givin me the opportunity to be a part of the shop.They make a sick product and I'm proud to be a part of it!
Map of the world...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Occupy this...
I'm lookin for work,you should too!

 Funny: Occupy Wall Street signs25

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Because...
The ol' lady's on the way home with a couple of tacos for me!!

Honda-matic Project
Had an old friend find me online and he asked me to build a bike for him.Starting with a Honda-matic CB400 donor.Lookin to get started on the plastic surgery on Monday.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back in the saddle again
Got the Trumpet back on the road last week and figured I try something new,or old depending on how you look at it...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dice Party Boston/Greasebag 11' weekend
After a walk,and ride around town,a few pre-Dice party drinks were had at Remy's in Boston.
(L-R) Grail-Knucklebuster, McGoo-Biltwell, Matt Davis-Dice Magazine...And the fat prick with the Sea Breeze in his hand is me.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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