Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Months over,and the wiener is...
Well the one month "original only" posts for the blogasphere challenge over at Lady Hump is over.I believe there was to be a winner and a gift pack,probably used rubbers and a half eaten taco, to be given away at the end but we'll see.This went for the last 29 days and I think it was 8 or so other blogs entered but I think it was more like 5 that actually posted anything.I just went over and took a look at there site and they have dropped the list of participating blogs off of their site like a hot shit out a tall cows ass!I I thought maybe you guys would have left a section on there for the top few but hey,you gave us a moth.Anyway thanks for letting me participate in what I'm sure means absolutely zero to pretty much anyone that will read this but it kept me workin to get fresh bits of motorbike type crappola.Fuck it,it was something to do...

Thank's fella's.I'll be out in Pedro in August and I will be makin it up to the Gasser this time,if I don't blow all my cash at the Goose first.


 Started on another bike down at the CHKC shop last night.It started out as an XS400 that has been mated up to a springer front end.Guy is lookin to leave that 70's,non rake look.Front end ain't to tall but tall enough to give it a lift.But it's also gonna stay stock length so it won't be very long at all. Should be able to get it tacked together tonight and maybe get to finish it up tomorrow.I'll snap a few pics when it's done.

R.I.P. D.J.

R.I.P. Davey Jones
Davy Jones, whose charming grin and British accent won the hearts of millions of fans on the 1960s television series "The Monkees," died Wednesday of an apparent heart attack, according to a law enforcement source in Martin County, Florida. He was 66.

I watched that show every day when I was a kid.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Cooled down tonight

Temp dropped on the way home,funny sayin that in Feb. in Mass but it's 

been a weird winter.The coffee was warm.

Had this holder laying around off of an old bicycle so figured I put it to 

use.Be great for riding around camp from site to site this summer with 


Oh,so this is how the rich people live...


Blast that shit yo...
Pulled out the blaster to clean the nooks out of the Ho-matic I can box in this bottom end the welds won't be through and inch of grease and rust.Still need to pull off the front end and rear wheel but I was to lazy today so I just rolled it out.Supposed to snow for the next two days,fuckin weird winter 50's today 20's tomorrow,so I'll get to weldin it up then.Gonna get a ride in this afternoon before that shit gets here...L8

Monday, February 27, 2012


Two Wheel Suicide's 

Boston Massacre:UPDATE

 -March 4th 2012

 Here's a ride a MadRiverMoco, who lives in Boston put together, it's MUCH better than mine. Here's what he said about the run:

"Since I was the perfect Boston Masshole crapping on Mike's dreams of chain restaurants and tourist t-shirts, I'll throw my own ideas about a good Boston run up - Opens at Miracle of Science at MIT (I know they have good breakfast, great beer, and plenty of tucked away parking so we can see bikes, stand outside and not be a danger) and ends, like so many bad ideas in Boston, at Foley's in the S. End (Ace argued for the Beehive so if you want Jazz and champagne cocktails, you can follow her there)
The ride is pretty intense - very twisty but very very very Sunday ride fun"

More at

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Stick it...
Got the new shifter in place on the Turnup tonight.It's a Hurst so in theory it'll make shifting faster...


Sit down, take a load off...
Got the seat mounted on the Ho today,then put a little work in on my bike.Now for some beers and a fire in the garage...

Now that's a good lookin seat,I'd like to mount that...


After hours...
Did these pipes for CHKC Wally last week down at the shop.They still need a bit of modification to be finished but so far so good.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Had some ideas for the Ho.This would be the front and rear mounts for the seat,plus a top center mount for the fender.They will also be gussets to stiffen it all up nice and tight.The design work is done,time to go make it happen...

Friday, February 24, 2012


The Bends...
I found these things called "Kwiktwist" at the Lowe's in town for $6.They work pretty good for carrying shit on the bike or in the truck but they also work good to make 3-dimensional  bends,no more using welding wire that is hard to see, while doin a frame or makin a sissy bar or what ever the fuck else you want to put a bend on...That is all,carry on.


Are you fucking kidding me...
WTF,I just got flagged again on FB by some faceless dick bag for putting up this pic...I'm now blocked for 30 days.Good thing I set up a fake profile so I can run the FB MM...
I'm now blocked for 30 days.Good thing I set up a fake profile so I can run the FB M.M. page.


Been neglecting the little lady the last few days because I've been working on the Ho.Look at her just sitting there waiting to run...Soon baby,soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hardtailed Ho...
Go the lower sections of the hardtail done today on the Ho.Just needs a few gussets and welds.Should be able to finish the tail section tomorrow.Once the tank shows up I'll get theat and the seat in place.Making good time and think It should be done soon enough.


Printing these soon...
Or at least by spring!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Looks good,weld it...
 Got work in on the Ho-matic today.Most of the top of the hard tail is on and I can finish it up tomorrow.Jimmy stopped by with the new seat so I was able to get his input on what he wanted as I went.He gave me a hand and helped hold all the pieces in place so I could tack them on and it came out pretty good.Here's a few pics of the progress to date,they are a little out of order but you'll get it.

More to come tomorrow!!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Another day around here...
-Was planning on gettin a ride in after tuning in the carb on the Trumpet today but a few other jobs poped up...

First off,my grinders all shit the bed at the same time Friday after I picked up the tubing to get goin on the Ho-matic.I was gonna rebuild that today.
My step-dad Jay has had an exhaust leak for over a year on his old Chevy SS S-10.Only made these a few years, 87/88/89 I think and he loves this piece of crap.He had a shop(Sullivan's) supposedly weld the leak last week but but they did a shitty job and just made a mess.No welding skill at all from the looks of it,just splatter and bubbles.He asked if I could take a look and instead of tryin to get in a tight spot with out a grinder I ended up wrapping it in that muffler bandage shit...Worked pissa!
Next Brother Gike, my step-bro stopped by and needed a bolt for his exhaust on the FLH.It wasn't that bad out but he decided to sport his suede face mask anyway.I think he likes that is looks like a cereal killer made it from the ass cheek of a victim and it scares kids.
later this afternoon I finally got to my shit.I changed over the banjo from a dual to a single and ran new fuel plumbing.Cleaned it up for now but I either want to get copper, clear or braided line...Fuck it,as long as it runs!
About 15 minutes after this the ol' lady needed me to give her a hand and then we were off to drop off the truck.Have to finish up my shit  later.
We had an hour to kill so we took a ride up to Lowe's and scouted out some new tools. This Porter Cable will do just fine after getting rid of the guard and putting on a cutting wheel.Gonna get back to work on the Ho later on tonight,hope nothing comes up between now and then.

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