Monday, February 27, 2012


Two Wheel Suicide's 

Boston Massacre:UPDATE

 -March 4th 2012

 Here's a ride a MadRiverMoco, who lives in Boston put together, it's MUCH better than mine. Here's what he said about the run:

"Since I was the perfect Boston Masshole crapping on Mike's dreams of chain restaurants and tourist t-shirts, I'll throw my own ideas about a good Boston run up - Opens at Miracle of Science at MIT (I know they have good breakfast, great beer, and plenty of tucked away parking so we can see bikes, stand outside and not be a danger) and ends, like so many bad ideas in Boston, at Foley's in the S. End (Ace argued for the Beehive so if you want Jazz and champagne cocktails, you can follow her there)
The ride is pretty intense - very twisty but very very very Sunday ride fun"

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