Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Slap that ho
Got some work in on Jimmy's Ho-matic the other day.Should be able to get this bitch on the road in a few weeks.

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  1. Bro please explain how you are going to get that on the road in a few weeks, man??? You must be a Jedi dude. No matter how many bikes I chop they always take me months and months to strip down, chop and rebuild..even if I only do slight frame mods, it still takes me ages. I enjoy chopping old Jap shite too. The tattoo shop bike I'm doing at the moment is a cheap ass Yamaha that my pal paid £800 which i think is about $1200, He rode it to the shop and back every day until it died on him..The engine siezed and only ran at around 40mph with a loud knocking and none of the electrics worked, the brakes didnt really work at all and it leaked like fuck..oh and the frame was bent and rusted through. Si I'm having to build new everything!!! New wiring everything man!! I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with that little Jap magic. If you wouldn't mind everytime you do some work on iy I'll add it to each build day post I do on my pals Yam chop..sort of a UK/USA dual Jap bike build????????? I think Jap bikes are shit but they are fun to chop.

    Gaz Hayes
    Steeltown Choppers


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