Monday, February 13, 2012


Project "Suck It" part deuce...
 Let's put it this way,I fucked up.After lookin at the pic's of day one I realized my mistake.I had planned on modifying the ports but after a closer look I came the conclusion that A: It wouldn't work with that size
tubing,it would be to wide.And B: I was pretty much building a pipe bomb!! Not good. Basically,the gas would have pooled up in there after running for just a minute and one backfire and it would have gone BOOOOOOOOOOOM!  Or at least bang.
 I headed out to the garage yesterday to take a look first hand at what I had done.Deciding to not die in a fiery dead I started over from the beginning.
First I had to bend a piece of 1" tubing in the bender.Maybe it was the cold,23 degrees,maybe it's cause I went to fast because of the cold, maybe it's because I went to tight with the bend or maybe it was the fact that this type of bender sucks but it ripped a hole in the back of the pipe.after a quick weld to fill it I got the flanges cut,sanded,drilled and welded on.After a quick reaming,a little graving and some paint it looks like this time it just might work.If you haven't figured out what this is,and no it's not something to do with the Mario Bro's franchise, yet I should have it mounted up and running buy this afternoon.Heading out now to see how the paint set up in the cold,doubt it.Should done after I cut some gaskets.See you back here at 1900.
 Over and out.

I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed but I'm sure I ain't the dullest!

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