Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Looks good,weld it...
 Got work in on the Ho-matic today.Most of the top of the hard tail is on and I can finish it up tomorrow.Jimmy stopped by with the new seat so I was able to get his input on what he wanted as I went.He gave me a hand and helped hold all the pieces in place so I could tack them on and it came out pretty good.Here's a few pics of the progress to date,they are a little out of order but you'll get it.

More to come tomorrow!!


  1. Great looking hardtail. What tank are you using? Are you running fender struts or a sissy bar dude?

  2. Thanks.He want's to run a tail light on the fender so I'm gonna make a short sissy to hold the fender in place and guard the light.


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