Monday, February 13, 2012

Project "Suck it" the third

Project "Suck it" the third
Done,well maybe...I got all the BS taken care of,made a few gaskets and bolted it up.The battery has been wussin out the last week or so so after a little boost off the charger I gave it a few kicks.The bitch started up just fine but the carb will need adjustment to make it run right.I was out there for 8 hours today pullin the motor off the Ho-Matic with Jimmy so I was good with it just starting up,I'll adjust it out tomorrow.
 Here it is at last,my new Amal side draft manifold. I made it to accommodate the finned out carb extension that I got a while ago.I think I'm going to clean it up,make a better looking design and sell these,or maybe I the only one who thinks it's cool.Fuck it,I do like it and don't care if no one else does.

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