Sunday, February 5, 2012


The games on soon...
I ain't a really fooseball fan in the least but I am a fan of a good party.Well that ain't really gonna happen but me and Trace are gonna go hang with my buddy Billy and his new lady,have a few drinks and eat some of T's world famous chilly.This is the only bowl I care about to day!I'm sure he's got a buck or two on the game so his excitement may rub of on us but I doubt much. I real story he is that I found some good lookin beer to try.Looks pretty good to me.
 Being that I am an N.E. boy through and through I have to admit,I want to the Pat's to win.Fuck the Giants!


  1. Brown Angel... I'll be on the lookout there.

  2. That shit was real good.Thick and creamy.Make sure to tip your glass pouring this one,it's got a bigger head than Paul jr.


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