Saturday, February 4, 2012


It's Fuckin Cold...
That's the truff.Here I am thinkin,hey fuck it it's sunny out and no one cares where I am for the next 400 hours or so I'm goin ridin.Well let me tell you what,when it is in the 30's in the N.E. area it is,what does that ice tea company say,"It's brisk baby!!" So I ripped out of here about 3pm,awesome it'll be dark in about 2 hours but hey,Fuck It.Had to drop a letter in the box for the ol' lady and figured I'd head north the my old bar in Plymouth.I worked at Boston's of Plymouth on and off for a few years at the door so it's the only bar I go to up there now a days and Geneo has helped me out immensely,with the build off thing in Laconia and other crap and I give him great respect.Well I got there to find out they are closed for renovations...20 miles for nothing but a ride is cool with me but(read the titile!)Oh well,back to the old womans then.Gilda's is another haunt of mine and it's only 2 miles away.Another of my good friends and who has helped me out in the past,love you Gilda!.A few Irish coffees later and I made it home with only a slight chill.Now I got some friends heading over for a garage bender so I better get the fire place goin.

Until next time,stay fuckin warm! Oh and for you southern MFer's who pull the,"I ride all year BS."Come on up and fuckin visit! L8.

Plymouth waterfront after finding out that Boston's was closed for renovations...
-Yes,that is the Mayflower,ship the Pilgrims came to America on,in the back ground.
Later at Gilda's for a few Irish coffees to shake the chill off
Back at the ranch and getting the fire going after a good ,cold day out on the scoot.

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