Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grab GKM issue 14

CRAMMED with fresh chopper filling...and it's out now!

Greasy Kulture

High tide and rising...

Well,mom's basement flooded out yesterday after what I guess was 5" of rain and 15" in the last month.I got at least a whole other day over there bailin it out.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just some of the helmets I found on Ebay today.


Found this on the BCM Blog and figured it could come in usefully.Figured I'd pass it on.

Progressive and Sucker Punch Sally’s Custom Bikes

Flo (Stephanie Courtney) ridin her hog,or not.
I don't know why but his guy looks like he's gonna shit his pant to me.

Sucker Punch Sally's bike's featured in the new Progressive commercial.

Flos Flyer
Check Out Progressive and Sucker Punch Sally’s Custom Bike Showcase.
Rolling into a Cycle World International Motorcycle Show Near You!For the second year in a row America's #1 Motorcycle insurer and Sucker Punch Sally’s (SPS) have teamed up to exhibit an amazing showcase of custom motorcycles at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows. Included in the display are two very special bikes built by SPS exclusively for Progressive...MORE

Just found this...

The Governator Offers $1,500 Rebate for Electric Motorcycles in California

by Bridgette Meinhold,
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Californians will now be eligible to receive a $1,500 rebate when they purchase qualifying electric motorcycles. Last week the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, helped to promote Zero Motorcycles, which are the first electric bikes to qualify for this rebate. This means that the Zero DS dual Sport Motorcycle and the Zero S Supermoto, will be available for $7,495 (plus tax) after the $1,500 rebate, PLUS, you get a 10% federal tax credit, making these bikes cost less than 1 cent per mile to run!
---"Don't you think it's funny they want to make electric bikes when bikes are already way better on emissions than cars and trucks? That's fine,then just start sending all your old iron east so all these Assholes around here will stop trying to sell their sportsters for $10,000!"    M.P.
It's all most that time!
Most of the guy's I know around here don't like riding in the 
winter to much.There seem to be plenty of reasons to NOT take
the bikes out on a sunny Sat. afternoon when it's 32 degrees in Jan.
For the most part I've been ridin all winter long,minus during the
snow storms or freezing rain or even when it was 10 degrees,I ain't 
on a death wish or anything,just looking to ride my bike.Well the time
is almost up and soon I'm sure we'll all be at it again.Here's to another
good summer in the wind!
This is from last year at Laconia.

Van's combi-bowl overhauled
Vans Skatepark - Orange, So-Cal - Source - Concrete Disciples

Plus they just dropped the all pads rule to just a helmet if your
over 18. A drop in prices too.I can't wait to get back out there.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Check out the great Striping over at Imperial House

Don't do it!

Don't Do It Army
This website is dedicated to keeping sporting good companies from infilitrating our surf, skate, and snow industry. It is targeted at keeping them from "taking" from our industry, after we have built and cared for it with blood, sweat, and tears.

Sure, there are many different opinions of what people consider "selling out" to be. Most are harmless, and the benefits and pitfalls are subject to argument. For example, a soda company-harmless. Even a car company, a video game, or a tv show. While these things may seem lame, and have nothing to do with our industry, it's all subject to personal opinion, and the bottom line is that these companies are not "taking" anything away from us, and at the same time, are willing to "give" for the association. They are not a competitor and don't intend to be a competitor in our industry. Sporting goods companies' intentions are solely to take.

Welcome to Don't Do It. More...
NOT BOUGHT." - Dianne Guisinger

jason jesse x obey

 by Mike Ballard from:
jason jesse never gets old

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