Friday, March 26, 2010

Rocker boxes check out.

I figured out an error in my thinking,just"bass ackward".Thanks for makin me think about that Burn!"To be sure I checked out the oil feed on the spindle in the rocker boxes to see if maybe there was a leak.They are working just fine.
With the oil feeding into the rocker and feeding down the push rod tubes I'm now thinking my leak stems from them.
When I tore it down the tubes did not have the proper gaskets and the rear was loose but I didn't think the majority of the leak was coming from there.Since they had the wrong washers top and bottom I am thinking that the front and rear tube was both losing oil out the top and it was traveling around the engine in the jug fins.Plus there was a small amount passing the head gasket,maybe.

It's going back together tomorrow so we will see what happens.

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