Monday, March 15, 2010

First Good Ride of the Spring!

"I didn't set this up but I'll be there."

 The good weather is here! Lets Ride!

Please Invite your friends!!! Gnarly choppers, rat-rod bobbers, chromed-out cruisers, street-bikes, on-off road dual sports... whatever!!! If it has 2 wheels, let's ride!!!

Meet on Sunday, April 11th at Anzalone's Cafe on the Waterfront @ 10 a.m. for coffee & bagels... We'll head North on 3A to Scituate, cruise the harbor, then loop back around to catch 123 West. Follow 123 up thru Norwell & Hanover to Rockland, then jump on 139 toward Abington. Stop for pizza and a beer (a shot, and a smoke) at The Cellar. From there, catch 58 South back toward Carver/Wareham, then hit Federal Furnace back into Plymouth where we'll end with another beer (or 2 or 3) and wings at Boston's.

Note: this one will not be a booze cruise... we'll be having a couple beers with lunch and what-not, but this isn't gonna be a bar-hopping run where we spend more time drinkin' than we do on our bikes.

"I guess if you don't ride when it's a little chilly out then your dying to get out for a ride,for the rest of us it'll just be another day on the bike but with better weather." El Paintero

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