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Masshole Moto-The Rest of the Story...

The story behind Masshole Moto
-What the fuck is it?? Who's involved??Where's it goin?? 

 Well nothing,no one and I don't know.It's just an idea I had.For a while now I've been getting messages like how are"You guy's" this or
what's up with "The crew" that.Well this is the whole story,and why it's just me...

 (I'm not going to name drop.You know who you are,where we were and what happened...)

 Back in 2009 a few guy's and me headed up to Laconia for bike week.Some of us had known each other longer than others but the crew got along real good and right away we were having a blast.
Camping,riding,hitting the bars.It was a great week and we all had a blast.Fast forward a year of hanging with these guys and riding a lot and here we go again,back up to N.H. for bike week.This time a better campsite,way better.We run into some more friends from our area,long story short,the crew grows larger.During both years I had taken a lot of photo's and these guy's wanted copy's.I figured,why not put them online that way they could just go on and take them when they want,and other people could see them as well making it easier to share them.Starting a website was just a convenient way to share the photo's and since we were called Massholes in N.H. I figured it just fit.
 Over the next few years it started to get filled with more and more photo's,links and other nonsense,like shit we were up to in the 508 area of MA,some being just titty photo's,others being links to events and other like minded websites,even more being dirty old chopper news and story's from around the world that fit into that category.This isn't for everyone.Trust me,just because you got a motorcycle don't mean your gonna like this.
  All the time I was still running this website for no other reason but to put up our pic's and spread the word on what we were up to,and trying to get these guys into it to add their 2 cents but they never gave a shit about any it.Should have been called"Zero commitment 99% of the time"! A few event's were planned out,like the "Harbor town Bobber" premier up in Plymouth at the Crow's Nest.
That was a good time I think.I set that one up,wait I set them all up. Some of us started doing some bike shows and we got a few awards,see most of the time it was like pulling teeth to get any more that 3 people to commit to any one thing at a time so most things turned into only a few people ever at once.Three of us had entered into the World of Wheels-Boston 2011 where we were approached by the producer of Laconia,N.H.'s Lobster Pound and asked to come and compete at their Biker Build Off  at that years Bike Week.We were pretty pumped that this guy liked our bikes enough to have faith in us to compete against 5 other shops at Bike Week!
We weren't a shop, just a group of guys hangin out,riding when we could and working on bikes in our spare time.
 Calling around we tried to rangle up the whole crew but the others didn't want to commit to it so we recruited a few more to the crew,not all under agreement but we worked it out between us.At least once a week after work meeting up and working on our project sometimes till midnight.Long story short,we worked for over a month to get ready for that build. I sacrificed a running bike for the cause and personally raised all the cash donations that went toward getting us most of the materials.
We even set up a cook out/party at a local bar and sold shirts that our resident artist drew up to fund us even more,this I also set up.The Build Off came and we did what we were there to do,we built a bike. 
WE BUILT A BIKE! We didn't bolt a bunch of parts together,we built the parts.We built the frame,front end, bars, tank, controls, seat... Everything besides the wheels,tires and motor we built. We took 4th out of a total of 5 shops (one cancelled) and we were fuckin stoked!! We even made it into "In The Wind" Magazine
 That week was a bit rough,I feel.I'm sure there are varying story's on this one but I stand behind my feelings on this one.Let's just say the way things went left a real sour taste in my mouth.with all the shit talking and bad mouthing leading up to this I'm surprised anyone even speaks anymore,maybe they don't.
All the planning,setting up and side work I put into this and it was like getting a few boots put on my neck as if I was some sort of jackass there for a good kicking.

 Good time? Sure,a lot of that week was a great time but in the end,I felt run over by the people that I was trying to help and hang with.Hey,maybe it's me.Well if it is then sow be it,I'm a dick and that's that cause I ain't changing but I feel like I did a lot for others that felt like I did nothing at all or just didn't appreciate me as a friend enough for me to want to stick around. So that was it,since then I've been at this all by myself.Why do I still do it.Not sure.There is a small following online, and 600+ on FB and I have been working on a bike for a friend.Collecting tools and drawing up plans for other projects.I figure,why the fuck not keep going.I'll have time this winter to get working in the garage again so we'll see where it ends up. Not long ago one of the guy's said, "Your pretty good at promoting shit.Hell,you started a website about nothing.You post mostly about non sense on it and still have plenty of people that follow it."

 I'm sure that a few people will take this the wrong way and think I'm talking shit but this is just the story of how it went down from my end,no BS just the way I saw it happen.It's how I feel and that's that.
There's more to it but I'm not looking to dig up all the details just the basic story.
Do I miss those times,ya I do. It was a good time riding with those  guys but when you don't feel right anymore,you just don't feel right.It was time I walked away from that scene.I'd be fine to get together for a ride and a few beers some time, I'm sure it'll happen...0/99%

So that's where I'm at now. Just me pluggin away day by day at nothing but BS.Will this go anywhere,who care's.I'd like to start putting together a crew of "like minded" individuals to wrench on shit and ride bikes with but I ain't found any yet.I mean I ain't lookin to be anything more that a greasy scooter jockey having a good time and tinkerin on old junk. I won't go around talkin out my ass like I'm the best at this or that,like I know how to do it better than someone else.Way to much of that shit out there already...

-You don't have to like it,it's only an idea I had.

-Mike Painter
Masshole Moto 
Art work by A.R.

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