Monday, January 31, 2011

Northeast Motorcycle Expo/Boston
Over the last weekend we were at the Kev-Marv productions N.M.E. at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center in Boston,MA.This is the biggest one of the 8 shows on the schedule,minus Reading,PA that was canceled.It was a good turn out considering the amount of cool chops that made it there instead of just being a sea of billet and fat tire fruit bikes.Got to see a few buddy's and meet a few good guys and gals,even got a few photo shoots and articles to do from there so it was worth all the effort to make it there.Here are the pic's I shot,enjoy!

Did you know they brought back Indian?They look a bit "Dark Customy" to me.

This is Roger from "Sinners and Saints Tattoo" in Wareham,MA. Here is his Sporty and Pan built by Jamie of Black Frame(See below). I've known Roger since we were kids and he has always been a prick... No,Rog is a good guy and has a big heart.He'd give you shirt off his back,or the hat off his table,Thanks again brotha!

 This is Roger's 28' Indian.It was an original Wall of Death bike back in the day and he is very proud of it,He should be considering it took best of show and a $300 cash purse!
 He is his booth,if you saw the midget wrestling you saw this!

This is Jamie at "Black Frame Cycle Projects".Check him out,He knows what he's doin and does it right!

Jamie builds some sick bikes.He pulled about 9 trophy's at the show and all deserving!

 Nice 74' Trident.
 This is the "Woody".It was built by the "Butcher Shop" boys out of Fall River,MA.They did a hell of a job and the guy that owns it ended up with a trophy for it,but we give them the credit!

 These guys pulled 2 or 3 trophy's for this one.Slick sickle!
 This was built by a guy named Mike and he did a real nice job.Buell motor.He was right next to us at the show.Trev talked to him a lot but I didn't really get the chance.He was a good guy,thanks for the chains man.

 They were across from us so we really got to check this one out,rad bike!
The BMX front end ruled!


 At one of the patch booths.Cool old Singer.

 This one is a little dark but she was a sweet little hunny!

 The "Chopperhead" boys were runnin wild at this one...40's and all!
 They took home a few trophy's for these cool ass sickles
right at the end of the show they dropped a stink bomb,that pissed of a few people and bailed...hahaha,Fuckin awesome!
then out front as everyone was loading up I help them put they're couches in the "A-team van".After we were wondering how they were gonna get the bike in.They threw it on the couches and drove away!
 This is Trevor Medeiros's 70' Triumph Trophy.He and I went up together to the show and I would have never made it with out him.He got the 2nd place trophy for this ride and it is well deserved.Thanks for everything man,catch you soon.
After 5 years I finally got the Schwinn back with a whole new look too.Thanks Russ.
And here she is,my pretty girl.I was happy with the amount of people that didn't shrug there nose at the little ugly Triumph that could.There were a lot of cool people that asked about it and said home much they liked it.Someday when I get a chance to fix her up I hope she stays as cool as she is to me right now!
As we were loading out I here them call my name over the mic from the trophy area.I could not believe it when they handed me a trophy!The best part of this is,out of only 3 bikes in our category I got 3rd...

Hahahaha,I feel like I was in the special Olympics were everyone's a winner.

Now Goma says I'm a trophy whore...Ouch!
See you at the next show!

Thanks to Larry at Boston Biker,Dihna DeVille,Kev-Marv Productions,My buddy Trevor,My girl Tracie and all the other crazy F-er's that were there!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011

@ the Expo...

Tracie and Dinah DeVille havin a few beers.
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