Monday, January 10, 2011

The R.I. Motorcycle Expo
Took a ride down to R.I. for the Kevmar Expo.It was a smaller show but it was also there first year and was still a great turn out.

The Butcher Shop had they're "Wood Bike" down there and I'm not sure how they placed in the show but I bet it did real well.

 Roger from Sinner's & Saint's Tattoo up here in our neck of the woods brought a few of his bikes that were build by Black Frame Cycles.I got a text at about 9 and he said he got 2nd and 3rd in his classes.

Likin that oil tank...

Dinah Deville was there sittin up on "Boston Biker" Larry's "Midnight Crisis" trike.Check em' both out!
 Random pic of T...Can you see the real real reason for this photo?

 Midget wrestling.This was sort of a train wreck.After watchin them staple dollar bills to there face and try and get a person from the crowd rip it out I had to walk away.

 P-Witz Repesentin MA.
T sittin on the Midnight Crisis trike
 Indian Larry Motorcycles showed up with they're awesome stable of scoots.

I stopped by the I.L.M. booth to say hi and thanks for the good time back in Sept/10' at the block party in Brooklyn,NYC.They gave me this sticker sayng that when Larry died,R.I.P.,they made only 2000 of them and only had a few left.These had been found in an old tupperware tub when they we're cleaning the shop a few days before.
Thanks a lot fellas! I won't be stickin this on the tool box,it will live in a frame in the garage on the wall and hopefully bring us some inspiration!



One last thing,thank you to Nick From Theory Motorcycle Products.He got the pic with his cam so I just got this add for him.
Nick,Let's build you that bike!

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