Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I must have been out of my HEAD going there! W.T.F.

So if you have been following my progress,I dropped of the head from my Trumpet almost 2 weeks ago.With out any word on it's status I decided to call and see how it was coming.Turns out they haven't touched it yet.I was told "there are a few Harleys in front of you getting full re-builds." and it would be,get this,4 to 5 do a valve job and a bit of bead blasting??? It shouldn't take more than 2 hours,a day at most.Plus I asked twice and couldn't get a strait answer out of them as to how long or how much.W.T.F.?Needless to say I'm going there tomorrow to pick it up,shit,it don't even need any work really I was just throwing them some work because my mother knows them and I figured I might as well have it done since it was off anyway.I'll probably go somewhere else because I want it prime when I'm done but I'm sure it would be just fine as is.That will be the last time I go there for anything.I guess I don't have the bank to motivate them.If you go through older posts you can figure out who I'm talking about but I won't put their company's name back on here again.

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