Monday, February 20, 2012


Another day around here...
-Was planning on gettin a ride in after tuning in the carb on the Trumpet today but a few other jobs poped up...

First off,my grinders all shit the bed at the same time Friday after I picked up the tubing to get goin on the Ho-matic.I was gonna rebuild that today.
My step-dad Jay has had an exhaust leak for over a year on his old Chevy SS S-10.Only made these a few years, 87/88/89 I think and he loves this piece of crap.He had a shop(Sullivan's) supposedly weld the leak last week but but they did a shitty job and just made a mess.No welding skill at all from the looks of it,just splatter and bubbles.He asked if I could take a look and instead of tryin to get in a tight spot with out a grinder I ended up wrapping it in that muffler bandage shit...Worked pissa!
Next Brother Gike, my step-bro stopped by and needed a bolt for his exhaust on the FLH.It wasn't that bad out but he decided to sport his suede face mask anyway.I think he likes that is looks like a cereal killer made it from the ass cheek of a victim and it scares kids.
later this afternoon I finally got to my shit.I changed over the banjo from a dual to a single and ran new fuel plumbing.Cleaned it up for now but I either want to get copper, clear or braided line...Fuck it,as long as it runs!
About 15 minutes after this the ol' lady needed me to give her a hand and then we were off to drop off the truck.Have to finish up my shit  later.
We had an hour to kill so we took a ride up to Lowe's and scouted out some new tools. This Porter Cable will do just fine after getting rid of the guard and putting on a cutting wheel.Gonna get back to work on the Ho later on tonight,hope nothing comes up between now and then.

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