Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Wally's and Dinah's big adventure
Anyone that show's up to the Northeast Motorcycle Expo's knows that when you find the Choppahead spot,it's usually a party in progress.Well this year since I'm puttin in work down there at night we went up together and we also got set up in one encampment.It was mostly just people hangin out on the couch,rollin around in my wheel chair or laided out in lawn chairs at all times,untill Saturday night when these two got crap ass drunk on Vodka and started a porn shoot that gathered a crowd of at least 50 people including press photog's snappin pic's and also attracted the likes of Dave Perewitz,one of his Hampster buddy's and his wife,who got in on it,and show staff who were just itchin to call the fuzz once they saw a titty pop out.All in all it was a good night,for everyone but them.See we didn't sleep in the A-team van all night in 34 degree's on a January night in N.E. 
 Glad you kids had fun...

 Notice she has that cup in every shot.Clutched it like a drunken fuckin eagle!
Good time!

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