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Friday, April 09, 2010

MMA Alert-Sound ordnance passes in Falmouth, MA.  Bad news for Bikers.

MMA Members spent three evenings at Falmouth’s Town Meeting waiting to speak out against the proposed “Loud Vehicles ByLaw” as written in Article 25 of the Town Meeting Warrant.   But, when finally called mid-way through the 3rd night, the ByLaw passed by vote from Town Meeting Members.

The very limited number of motorcyclists in attendance were unable to fend off the adoption of this Bylaw.   Lifting verbiage directly from M.G.L. Chapter 90, Section 16 (90-16), Falmouth adopted 90-16 as their Sound Ordinance and increased the fines while in the process.

The MMA is in opposition to this legislation due to the subjective nature used to decide if your motorcycle is legal.   Without even testing the sound levels of your motorcycle, 90-16 allows law enforcement officers to ticket your ‘harsh and objectionable” motor vehicle.

The new bylaw still needs the approval of the Attorney General before it becomes law.

If cited under 90-16 in Falmouth or any other town, the MMA asks that you contact and provide details of your citation.   The MMA announced on March 2, 2010 that “All Citations” were dismissed in the recent Sterling & Princeton 90-16 court cases.

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My two cent:
It's great that they want to clean up that friggin boom boom boom bullshit from the hip hop punks and the ass hats that drive around with here mufflers hanging off of there cars in the middle of the night,I'm from Wareham, I know all about those two problems!But if the people think they're gonna stop people from having pipes on bikes that are audible they're sadly mistaken.You hear my bike,you know I'm there and it's staying that way!These are probably the same people that love the Plovers and don't want windmills on the Cape.     
El Paintero

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