Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From Biltwell...

Here's the deal: We're riding motos to Mexico and you are invited. We're staying/camping on the bluff at Quatro Casa's 156 miles south of the border.
Biltwell 500 Map jpeg

How Much: Richard at Quatros charges $15 per person, per night. You get a spot on the bluff to camp, you can skate the bowl all you want, use the BBQ area, and if you are one of the first few people you might even get one of the hostel's 20 beds. You can also rent surfboards, etc. There are three showers and four toilets. This is worth $15 so don't be a cheap ass and pay the man. We are not charging any ride fees or registration.
For more go to... the Biltwell 500

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