Monday, July 5, 2010

Took a ride today
It was pretty hot out today so I put the welding off again on the project and headed out for a ride.Headed down to Sag. beach to check out my buddy but he wasn't home.Headed north out of there to Manomet and by Whitehorse beach,then up through Plymouth to the waterfront for a quick refresher at Bostons.Got a message from another friend that he was havin a little cook out at his place in N. Ply. so I headed up there.Had some chicken and a few cold ones there then headed out for home.When I got back to the house a guy I havn't seen in about 3 years stopped in and asked if I had any idea where he could find a used bike for his daughter."I just so happen to have what you need" I told him.So a little wheelin and dealin later and I sold him the Yami I had out back.Not a bad day at all,back to the welding on the project in the morning...
I need to catch up on it.

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