Sunday, September 12, 2010

MA. Craigslist find-1931 VL H-D $7500

1931 vl flathead motor,vl frame and 3 speed gearbox looking to trade for a running bike shovelhead panhead or evo (no sportsters) motor runs tranny works frame is a single down tube all i have is the motor tranny and frame the motor doesnt have a carb but everything else is there the tranny with no clutch and the frame thats all i have no wheels no sheet metal no nothing the motor is 1 of 825 v models made in 1931 i can also talk cash (cash only) $7500$ ITS NOT A FULL BIKE ITS JUST THE MOTOR ,FRAME,GEARBOX THATS IT NOTHING ELSE THATS IT NO METAL NO TIRES NO WHEELS NO HANDEL BARS NOTHING JUST THE MOTOR FRAME AND TRANnY WOULD MAKE A SICK PERIOD BOBBER PROJECT!!! THIS IS THE HEART OF THE BIKE  More...

image 1949683815-0 image 1949683815-1
image 1949683815-2 image 1949683815-3

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