Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Second Annual Brooklyn Invitational
 At around 3:30 or so we made our way over to 14th street for the Invitational.The street was already loaded with bikes and more were just pouring in.The bikes out on the street were real cool,every one,but the ones inside were what the show was for.Builders like Chopper Dave,Max Schaaf,Keino Sasaki,Matt Davis,Lock Baker,Paul Cox and a shit load of others all had there bikes on display.It was pretty damn cool seeing all these bike from magazines in person and being able to see every intricate piece.We rolled up and down the street talking to people and taking in all the bikes.There was a lunch truck set up across the street with po-boys and crawfish,it was awesome considering all the hot dogs I end up eating at bike shows.
 At about 6pm me and Ryan went for a ride around town but after a bit It was time for me to get rollin since I had a 4 hour drive ahead of me for home,and yes I said drive not ride.This is the thing,my bike is almost on it's last leg at this point with the exhaust stripped out and hanging on by a self tapping screw and a clutch thats in need of replacement so I figured either ride down with a large probability of having to get someone to come get me in a truck or just load up and take care of myself.I ain't to proud to say that I piggy backed down there,at least I made it.Anyway,Ryan shot over to where my truck was and helped me load up.We said our good by's and I gave him Jay's helmet to drop by the Ale House for him to pick up later because I forgot mine at home and had to borrow it,haha.I hit the road and and made my way north up the coast back to the Cape.I made it back around 1am and was happy to be off the road.I sat in the garage having a beer putting it all together in my head,It was a damn good weekend!
This is what I got for pic's at the B.I. If you see you bike in here let me know and I'll label it accordingly.
This was Ryan's mechanic buddy's bike.I forgot his name too,I'm real bad with that shit.
Ryan's Trumpet next to mine.
Jay did his seat,cool shit!
Jon-Michael of Prohibited Garage brought his XS650 down with the Hated of the World guys.
Nice meetin you finally Fish,get better man.
Here are the bike's from in the show...
Brooklyn Invitational 2010 Entry's
There was such good shit it was hard to focus on any one thing!


  1. 8th one down, yellow-ish shovel with the Goodson is Walter's from Kickstart cycles. Nice pics Mike.

  2. Good to know.Would have liked to meet him.


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