Sunday, September 19, 2010

Adios NYC...
Well this was by far one of the best weekends in quit a long time,second only to the time me and my buddy took these strippers snowboarding...Anyway,I had a blast and I hope to make it next year.

I would like to thank some people for helpin me out and puttin up with my Bahston accent while I was out.Thanks to T-Bone for puttin me up even if that ment sleeping in his bands practice space since he is between places right now.Christa the bartender from the Brooklyn Ale House for hookin us up with all the drinks,the shirt and for callin Jay for the helmet.Jay himself for letting me borrow said helmet.Oh ya,sorry dude Yankees suck!hahaha,thanks again man.Ryan for takin me for a rip through town,helpin me load up,not givin me to much shit for bein from MA. and just bein a good dude to a total stranger like me.Joh-Michael from Prohibited Garage for the beers although we split rounds.All the guy's from Hated of the World,all good guys,Get well soon Fish! Rick...with the Brown and blue Trumpet for showing his trick with the Exhaust plate.Nice to finally meet you.Also the guys over at Indian Larry's,good time,the White Knights for puttin on the B.I. and Dice for having the release party,I'll send you that link Matt but by now you know that if your reading this,haha,nice to meet you.And to anyone else I came into contact with in NYC!
                                                    I'll be back soon,hopefully with out the truck!

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