Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 9/11
I was working at a Chevy dealership as a service writer.We were set up around the corner from the waiting area where they had a T.V. for the customers to watch while they waited for there vehicles.I had a radio under my desk with Howard Stern on back when he was on regular radio.All of a sudden he starts talking about a plane crash and how strange it was and then the second plane hit.I heard people making alot of noise out by the T.V. cars out front started pulling over.We went out to the T.V. and watched as they reported what was going on.I remember thinking that I had to find a weapon because the "Terrorists" would be coming out of the sky with parachutes like in Red Dawn any minute.That was a crazy,frightening day.People were walking around like zombies all afternoon.For day's later all you would see was American flags on all the cars that pulled in and all the cars out on the road and everyone was friendly and kind to each other.3 weeks later there were flags all over the place on the road,I guess the trend to put one on your car had passed and people went back to being all for them selves again...Remember,it doesn't need to take planes crashing into N.Y. for you to be good to others!Remember the ones who were there and can't choose for themselves today.

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