Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One more dumb thing in a life doing dumb things!
I had a run in with a road gator last night and it busted the plate bracket on the Trumpet.I strapped it up and got it home so I could fix it up.After a little cutting,grinding and welding it was good as new.

After the ol' lady comes home and drags me out to a bar down the street to meet her boss and some of the people she works with.Long story short we got pretty shitted and went to bed late.

When I woke up I felt real tired still and couldn't get my eyes to open.It turns out that the little bit of tack welding I did with my mask off had fried my face so bad my eyes are wicked puffed up and swollen.This picture is after I had a wet rag on it for a few hours and it went down a little.WTF!
Wear your masks people!

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