Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who made those bumper stickers?

(Bill Griffith for The Boston Globe)

Variants of the yellow "Motorcycles are Everywhere" label have been around since 1982.
"Motorcycles are Everywhere." That's what those ubiquitous yellow bumper stickers (and signs) say. This spring, it's especially true. Long stretches of nice early weather brought out motorcyclists in droves, starting in late March.
It's the opposite of last spring when there was little nice weather and a lot of motorcyclists didn't get riding until July."There are more bikes out on the road early this spring," said Tim Smith, who has operated Seacoast Cycles in Newburyport since 1989. "The nice weather definitely has brought a lot of riders out. That doesn't mean we won't have the usual last-minute rush for stickers before the May 31 deadline though."The early start to the riding season has motorcyclists thinking safety, which brings us back to those yellow signs and bumper stickers, which also warn "Check twice — save a life."....More.

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