Monday, May 17, 2010

Forgot this from one the other night.
So at about 1am we started a game of LCR.It was 4 of us at the table with five chips a piece.I'm not sure of this rule since I have alway's played that the last with chips,or ones.Well Billy's ol' lady Jamie say's to win even if your the last one with chips you have to roll a C,one for every chip.Like say if you have one chip you have to roll one,two for two and three for three or more and then you get all the chips in the pot.Well I had the last chips on the table.Jamie starts lippin off at me about how I ain't gonna win and that I had to roll three C's and how impossible it was and what not...Well I got three!
Stayed up till about 3:30am and had the ride to R.I. the next day at 9am.Good time!

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