Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fuck you Plymouth,MA.
Well,summer is officially here.We were heading home last night early,9ish,and we got popped at a check point for "loud pipes" by some pedal cops and there "babysitter".We just ate and had a beer so I didn't lay into them to much knowing they could just as easily say I was drunk and I was no where near drunk.Then the cop tells us that they were there as a public service to stop loud cars,bikes and drunks,FUCK THAT,their there to make money!Seemed like there only service was to waste our time while the babysitter taught them how to give out tickets.This makes me laugh,I can ride down the street talking to who ever is riding next to me with out much effort but when a car wants to put there nose out to much and look like there gonna kill just us a little rev wakes them right up.Or when the soccer mom putting on her make up while she's on the phone starts to swerve it only takes a little throttle to set her strait.Sounds like the perfect level to me.
I'll fight it and I'll win but it will be a day wasted to do it.
Let me catch your ass off that Schwinn boy...
See you in court assholes!


  1. Fucking Bullshit. I can't believe the pigs got nothing better to do, like catch criminals.

  2. That's summer around here.Cops,tourists, traffic,gas hikes. I stopped to get gas today and the Shell in the Bay only had super.All the other octanes were out...B.S.
    They picked a holiday weekend like this to not fill the tanks,ya right.


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