Sunday, May 2, 2010

That could have been worse!

Headed out to a benefit last night for a friend of a friend that got hurt on the job.Got a mile from my buddy's garage rolling 5 deep and the chain on the old Trumpet snapped.Of course we do start off the line at that light like it was a drag strip hittin mach one in under 2 sec but I doubt that was the reason...Ya right!Well I got set up with a truck to get it back to the house and the fellas headed north to the party,turns out the guy had a lot of friends cause they said there were over 200 bikes,and more crazy ass bikers than that.Good time from the sounds of it but I wouldn't know,I spent the night with my buddy's fam out in the back yard watching the Celtics game and getting quite shit faced.I tried getting the chain out when I got there but it was locked up on the sprocket and the and the case it self where it punched through.Any way I got up early and put it up on his lift.After some coffee and a little deliberation we started wrenching on it.Managed to get it loose and bango,it fell free.I re-ran it on the sprockets,popped in a new master link and took her out for a test run.Good enough, it got me home.As far as the hole,I'll get to it another day when I'm not ridin it...maybe in Jan.!


  1. Glad to hear you came out alright!

  2. Thanks man.I lost the whole night,long story,but was up and running by the morning.


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