Sunday, May 30, 2010

B.I.A.'s 20th Annual British Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet

 Left the house at 8:30am and shot across town to pick up Unc,half an hour late but the show didn't start till 10am anyway.It was a beautiful morning at about 65 degrees that was to climb into the 80's and we were headed inland.Tracie followed in the pick up to get him.We met at the 7-11 down the street to gas up.By 9am we were toolin down the highway,them following me on the bike.Stuck to around 70mph so the Trumpet didn't get to pissed off at me.About 30 miles out we stopped for a coffee break so my limbs could come un-numbed.We finished up and and headed out,making short time of the next 6 exits.Well I knew it was all going to easy when the little bitch starts buckin like a wild horse.I pulled off the next exit and that was it,she was truck bound to the show.50 miles later we got off the exit a it was right on the road we needed.100 feet from the exit was a Home Cheapo so I figured what the hell,if she'll run I ridein her in.She started on the first kick and I was off.The show was about 3 miles down the road and we had made it in 1 piece,until the ol'lady took off my bumper valance on a stump in the parking lot...Thanks hunny!

(My Trumpet in front with "Iron Butt" Billy's in the back) 

It turned out to be a good show.about 80 entries in the contest and at least 200 other bikes showed up.Found some parts I needed at the swap part of the show,like the exhaust spigot that stripped letting my pipe fall off on the way home last week,and came out with a few more goodies to boot,even got some shop sticker of my new buddy Chris.We had some burgers and dogs and found some shade after it started heating up.They had the club house for the rod and gun club open so I even pulled a cold and tasty cap'n coke,thanks Billy.The Prohibited crew showed up a little later,good to see you guy's made it this time,hahaha.Anyway we waited to the end to see who made it out with a shinny new trophy and then we headed for the coast,it gets hot in western MA.I knew I had to truck it again but still rode the filthy bitch out,on one wheel at one point bouncing off a rock nailin it across the lot while they were making the winner announcements,and back to the Home Dopeo to loader her up.Hey,they don't have to know.All in all it was a great day with a lot of really cool bikes and I'd like to thanks to Unc and Tracie for helping me out to make it there instead of being stuck out on r495 all afternoon.And to all the guys I meet today,I'll see you next week at the Star dinner! Now for the picks...

(Chris's LONNNNNG Triumph)
There were a lot more bikes I wish I got pics of but the ol'lady had the camera and did all the photoery...thanks again dear.

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