Thursday, March 31, 2011

W.O.W.,What a fuckin joke...
  So we,Goma and me,met up at the garage this morn to get all the shit loaded and pic up the last few bits a shit to bring to the show.We planned on meetin up with Paul at his place around 1,1:30 to caravan up to Boston.We made it there about 20 min late but still makin great time considering I always plan on being at least 30 min late everywhere.Blaze,Barry and Brenden...were goin to town out back on the CB and  Paul was hammerin on on the Sporty.
 After an hour or so they got it all buttoned up and ready to load,they weren't finished but they looked good enough.The weather was now starting to roll in and rain was showin up on the windshield of my truck.With all the bikes either in the back of the trucks or the trailer this was surly gonna be a shit show.Turns out the rain held off and we got into town with no more than a brain fart moment where I missed the turn and ended up in the North end,no big deal.
 So we get to the show,check in with the people in charge and head down to the door we need to load in through,which is weird because we are heading for the other end of the building that all the cars are rollin through.We grab some empty spaces at a loading dock and unload.Rolling into the place it seemed something was wrong and sure enough,something was.Long story short,the bike section that is only holding 25 bikes is in a separate room with this ugly fuckin paisley rug that they covered plastic,the whole room! We had a whole garage themed set up that we had to drop because it looked like shit on this dumb fuckin rug...
Our shitters
 Black Frame Cycles/Sinners and Saints Tattoo
This is the main room.Same place at the North-East Motorcycle Expo back in Jan.

This show is gonna suck dog balls!

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  1. Sorry about the show, I heard it sucked...hope it went better than you expected. And, man, putting bikes on a paisley rug must be against the law or something. Ask for your money back :-)

    From one Masshole to another...nice blog


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