Saturday, March 12, 2011

For Sale: Engine(s)/Trans
-This is from one of my buddy's.We have nothing to do with these items,I'm simple spreading the word to help the guy,and buyer out-
From Chris - "The 216 and cast iron powerglide was recently pulled out of a '52 Chevy.It was missing the intake set up,as well as the exhaust manifold and starter and valve covers. Crank/flywheel turns, so its not seized up. and the spline on the powerglide is in good shape and turns as well. The aluminum powerglide is from 1965 (so i was told) and also has a good spline that turns. what it came out of and its mileage is unknown. Both trannys could use a serious degreasing!"
*Asking $100 o.b.o for the 216, $100 o.b.o for the cast iron powerglide, and $150 o.b.o for the aluminum powerglide....and i STRESS the "or best offer" part
For more info Contact Chris @

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