Monday, April 4, 2011

W.O.W. Boston 2011-
The Good,the Bad and the Ugly...
  Is it over yet?Holy shit,that seemed like a long weekend.Change can be a good thing but not really in this case.In previews years the W.O.W. was held at the old Expo center by U-mass Boston,the collage,but that was sold for dorms for the school.This year starts the new tradition of having it at the Seaport World Trade center,nice place but half the size.It seems that they have decided to start fresh by cutting the fat and only allowing showier cars meaning no more homies in there stock accords with blingy rims or Jersey shore lookin frat boys in there jacked up Toyota pickups on 33" mudders. like you see at a local show.Lets say it was a good show but there were plenty of problems that need to be worked out if they plan on it being any better next year.At one point we had a line of children and there parents standing in a line that went from one corner of the room all the way around waiting for autographs from some girl from a Disney TV show.They were running through our shit,going under our ropes and nearly knocking down one of the bikes.Sunday came and the whole thing wrapped up around 7pm with the award ceremony going on up stairs.I left there realizing that I never took more than 3 pics the whole time and laughed since it was a three day show.

One of the biggest problems at this years show was the fact that they put the motorcycles,except for 4 others including the "Munsters bike",in a little room with no signs.They had told us the set up of a display was could be rewarded with $500 but when we got there we were setting up on a paisley rug with plastic on it.Our garage themed display would have looked like ass so we just set up the bikes.The guy that won had only brought a spinning stand for his bike...
These three are Paul's - CB360, H-D Ironhead and a KTM570
My,"El P's" 69' Triumph Trophy 650
Goma's 85' H-D
 And this is the Bamboo Eddie's Board Tracker.It started out as a stock 77' Moto Minarelli Moped and is being built for the owner.Goma and Matt have been working on it for a while now and doing a great job.They hope to get it completed soon.

There were a couple of guys right across from us at the show that we had seen or a few of us knew from party's and through other people.They are some of the best guys I have met in a long time.It was real cool when Ralph comes over and grabs me by the hand and says "I'm glad to see this shit living on in guys like you,they way we did it back in the day.Not this TV bull shit but real bikes that get ridden by real people!Glad to see you guys are holding up the tradition." I said to him,"Thanks man,that means a lot coming from guys like you.We hope to be as skilled as you guys some day!" 
Made him almost tear too!
Johnny's 78'FXE maddness
Ralph's Awesome pan.He told me a guy offered him $45,000 for it at the show.He told the guy it is the only thing he and his wife owned at one point and the only thing that they still have from the old days so no thanks.
The $500 display winner.Tried to talk to him once but he was talking to someone else,he didn't seem to be interested in talking to me after.
This is Roger from Sinner's and Saint's Tattoo in Wareham,MA. little Indian.I wish it ran,I'd like to take it for a whip
This is also Roger's built for him by Jamie D. at "Black frame Cycle Projects" in Sandwich,MA.
 Black Frames bikes
 When the awards started we hid in the back.I went down and got the cooler so as not to let anyone get to dry during the long ceremony that was about to take a few hours of our day.We were by far the loudest,rowdiest assholes in the house hootin and hollerin every time one of us got an award.

After that we split for the back door.Being that all the cars had to roll out the front we got to screw out the back through the double doors and do laps around the building on the pier.
Goma got a some appreciation for his H-D
 Paul is outstanding in our eyes and the judges and got a few rewards for his trifecta of scoots
And I got a little something for my Rusty Trumpet as well.

It was a little like the Special Olympics cause we all got something for showing up but we were told that we deserved them and we're gonna damn well gonna keep em'!
Just a few more things...

-One,never let a giant axe murder lookin guy who smelled like a buffalo with what looked like a bullet wound in his leg,filthy ripped up cloths and a Tourettes problem into line at a autograph signing for a actress from a show on the Disney channel that is 14 years old and has nothing but 7-12 year old's in line...
 -Two, When said Disney autograph line is gonna form don't let it take over the entire motorcycle exhibit with A.D.D. riddled children who are hell bent on fuckin up our displays
 -Three,when you give out the tickets next year have them waiting at the gate.One of the dudes that helped load in to the show stole a ticket so he could get in for free but then never came up to use it.He wasted the three days for people that could have used it.
 -Four,Don't invite a big seleb like Paul Turtle sr. if he is to cool to come check out the bikes.I was in the "BIKE ROOM" nearly all weekend and I heard he came,rode in the front doors and went out on Sat. and never even came out back to check out the bikes...What,gotta run to get back to your Roids?
I'd like to say thanks to everyone who helped out over the weekend or stopped in to say hi.
a special thanks to Chris Stevens for letting me use his photos since I never took any my self. 
I doubt it but maybe we'll see you at the next 
World Of "SHINY CARS" / Boston.

                   ---The end!---                 

                                                       L8, El P.

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