Thursday, August 26, 2010

Machete - Official Trailer [HD]

Oh Hell Ya!!!
If you were old enough to go see "Grindhouse" when it came out a few years back then you remember the trailers in the middle between  "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof".
One of which was "Machete".The trailers were meant to be fake and funny as hell but it turns out they have done the right thing and made this one into a full length feature!The main character is Danny Trejo,
Ya,the Mexican dude with the girl tattooed on his chest,who you have to know from all of his A and B movies like "Dusk till Dawn" and "Desperado".This looks to be the best movie since 
"The Godfather"!
It's like the Punisher,Desperado and Grind House all in one!Danny Trejo rules!I can't wait.

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