Monday, August 16, 2010

The 2010 Run to the Rock
This past weekend was the R.T.T.R. 10' over on Martha's Vineyard and what a year it was!We got over to the island Fri. at about 4pm and the party never stopped.Here are some of the pic's,they'll be more to come...
 Started out by losing a valve inspection cap on the way to the island doing 100mph to make the boat.
 Line for the ferry was getting long.
Tony,you are number one buddy.Heading for the Vineyard on the ferry.
 After getting over we headed to the V.F.W. for some mud slides and a few games of pool.
 Later on we headed down to Oak Bluffs for some food Arthur and Linda lead us down to the Coop De Ville
for some grub.Now when I say grub I mean oysters,shrimp,scallops and some fine cervezas.
 Arthur and I were gonna commandeer this boat but at 65ft it was a little too small.
After we headed back to the house for a few more mudslides and a little shut eye.
 The next day we headed out for a ride to Cillmark.There is a Coast Guard station there were the dock burned down,and the whole dock with it.
After fueling up we headed out for the party.
The MV Harley Riders
 2010' Run to the Rock party
Cheryl roaming the grounds in search of Schnapps...Hahaha
  The guy's from Hard Time Hooligan's brought some of they're bikes over.
I pulled first place in the "British Bike" catagory...I was the only one who entered that class.Hahaha
Bruce and Tony livin it up
This chick was by far the winner of the "Best in Show"Trophy as far as I'm concerned.One for being smokin hot,two for taking the weenie to the face with class and three for whipping her shirt off after!
We stayed at the party for the duration but it was time to split so we headed out.First stop was the V. for more frosty mudslides!
 Sunday rolled in and we would soon be heading home.We had to wait to go back on the ferry because there was a road race in Woods Hole and the roads were blocked so since we had more time on the island we had more time to ride.
We headed out to South beach cruising through East Chop,Oak Bluffs,Edgartown,the Katama farm,and Tisbury.
 Me,Tony,Arthur,Shawn and...
 Katie,Cheryl,and Linda at South beach State park,Edgartown,MA.
Well we had a hell of a weekend over on the island.The weather was perfect,the food was goood,the traffic was so so but the mudslides were nice and cold!

 -After getting back to the main land on the ferry we stopped for a top of on my tank and a quick smoke break and hit the road for because Tony wanted to stop at the Cape Cod Harley shop.We were making record speed when I had a slight problem and pulled over with smoke billowing out of the open valve on the Trumpet.I got it some what running and putted to the H-D shop to meet up.They had looped back for me and we lost each other in the Cape traffic.I made a call to Tony,told them to go on with out me since they all had obligations at home,and started a once over on the bike.Turned out that I had lost all my oil along the trip,funny thing was I wasn't covered in it,any more than usual,and there were no big drips under the bike the whole time.Any way the shop was closed now but one of the guys who works there was leaving and threw me a quart out of his bag to get me goin again.Dumped it in,kicked it threw 100 times,tweeked the Amal and turned her over.I got on a back road and headed for the bridge trying not to get stuck in traffic since it wouldn't idle for I come out onto the rotary at the bridge there they are waitin for me to appear out of the tourist flooded Cape.And 8 cars back was Tony who went lookin for me.You guy's are the best!Thanks for not leavin me behind,I owe you all.Anyway another quart of 40w,Thanks Sean,and off me went.Sean and Cheryl hit the highway West and Tony and Katie fallowed me into my town just to make sure then headed North.I got home,shut off the bike,cracked a cold one and laughed..."Good times!"
 And yes,I left it on the bike all weekend long...hahaha
 -I'd like to thank Arthur and Linda for letting me flop at they're place and all the awesome mudslides Linda made,Tony for gettin it all set up for me and the cash he loaned me for that tank of gas to get me home,Katie for the pack of smokes and that fantastic breakfast sandwich,Sean for the quart of oil that kept the old girl alive,Cheryl for the shots of Peppermint Schnapps that kept flowing into the night,And really all of you for making the weekend a damn good time.

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