Saturday, August 28, 2010

Half way there...
So I left for the Gypsy Run yesterday morning.The plan was to ride out to the first camp site,stay the night and come back Sat.I stayed up late the night before getting everything ready and strapped on the bike and tightening everything up for the trip.Fri. came and Everyone that said they were goin had bailed out and but I said fuck it and planned to go solo.I put the GPS on my phone on, stuck the ear buds in and put the helmet on.I got out passed New Bedford and stopped for gas and a water,that I left on the pump.I got back out on the highway for another 30 miles and shit went south.The tap screw I made to hold my pipe on came loose and flew out,the tank was leakin a bit and there was a ticking that was gettin worse on the right side of the motor.That could be do to the incident after the Run to the Rock a few weeks back when I had lost every drop of oil on the way home!Hear I am out past Providence,R.I. alone with a GPS I can't hear,a ticky motor and a leaky tank debating to keep goin or just give up and head home.Well I hate to say it but I caved a headed back home.I figured it was better to quit now than have the motor blow and be laid up with no bike for months.Anyway I headed for Gilda's for a cold one,or five.

I ran into Saunders,hope I'm spellin that right,From "Chopperhead" with his sick little Trumpet who was rippin down RT6 and spotted me sittin out front havin a smoke.

He says he can't make it but he'll tell the boys at the shop and get them to show up.After all this I ended up at the Halifax car show where I met up with a few buddy's and then rode down to Plymouth where we bar hopped for the rest of the night,where I woke up this morning at my buddy's place with a dead cell phone and I think a pissed of girlfriend at home,she won't talk to me so I ain't sure...
- Fuck it,there's always next year!


  1. Hahaha,When we were talking his bike was running and I had just finished a 6 pack....I'll change that.


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