Sunday, August 21, 2011

Down and Out,For Now...
 So it finally happened.The ol' girl gave up,she just don't wanna run no more.I should have known it was inevitable but when times are good you don't think of the bad too come.I mean she has taken a beating over the last few weeks let alone over the last 4 years,12 months of the years.
 I was heading over to meet up with a crew out of Carver with a buddy when the bike just crapped out.There was a bad metal on metal noise and no power..It would start right up and run but there was no riding it.I ended up pushing it 2 miles to get it home and it has been on the lift ever since.

I got a chance to start the inspection a few days ago.When you rolled it over with the kicker it would sound normal until the intake was about to open then there would be a loud "PING" or "TINK" (See the vid) and after a full cycle it would look up look up
 After I got the rocker box off on the intake side I found that there was no movement in the push rods.
 After a little more inspection I found that the Tappet Block had spun about 40 degrees to the left and the retaining screw that holds it in place had snapped.When I got it out half of it was still screwed into the jug.I'm assuming that the rest of it is snapped off and still in the Block?!?I had originally thought that it was just a bent push rod or two but they are just fine.I plan on pulling the head and jug this week and see what is going on down below.Crossing my fingers I can get it back on the road in the next few weeks and just get the rest of Summer/fall out of it and then I will defiantly break it down for a rebuild!

Push rods weren't bent but weren't moving either.
The rocker spring to the left side,top here,had come out of the groove holding it in place to retain the rocker had come out.Not a lot of play but maybe an Issue??
Half of the retaining screw is still in the jug.

The retaining screw for the Block was snapped.I need to keep digging to see but I'm guessing that another piece of it is still in the Block as well as the jug?

If you look right next to the wire tie on the frame on top you can just see the Tappet Block in the push rod tube has turned.

If you have ever heard of anything like this happening drop me a line!

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