Monday, October 11, 2010

Went for a ride on r105...
Headed up to Plymouth to meet up with Tony and Arther for a ride today on one nice sunny day.I remember as a kid it would be cold by this time of year but today had to be in the high 60's.We took off on r105 heading for Middleboro out through the farms and down towards r28.There we banged a left and headed down to a cemetery that Arther had some family buried in that went all the way back to the 1800's.The three of us probably  looked like jackass's tryin to find the place but oh well,it was worth it.From there we were lookin for a few cold ones so next stop was the "Pondo".
 The Pondorosa is on Route 105 at the Acushnet/Rochester line.It is a regular stop for most bikers.Well,they were closed for the holiday so we split after a smoke and decided to check out a new place.Back down r105 into Marion we stopped at the Wave.
  The website makes it look a sorta lame but it's not that bad,ask the bartender for a shot of the "Mexican Viagra"! It's a mix of Tequila and Whisky plus the bottle it filled with hot peppers...Woohoo! When winter comes I will have a flask of that in my pocket!!!Well long story short,we had a few beers and it was time to hit the road.They had to get back and I was flat broke.Catch you on the flip side fellas...


  1. There is a run on the 24th thats in that area. Its going from Norton,MA to Onset Ma and back to Norton all by scenic back roads. Check out look under their calendar of events for more info. Ride on!

  2. I'll check that out.Maybe I'll see you at the Pondo.


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