Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DicE Magazine Banner Ad Design Contest!
Found this on Chop Cult... 

dice magazine,chopcult,choppers,gay,straight,unicorns
dice magazine,chopcult,choppers,gay,straight,unicorns
The rules are simple: 
-1) Each entry must include 1 banner ad in any of the following sizes:
• 728 pixels wide x 90 pixels tall
• 160 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall
• 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels tall
Size your banners incorrectly and your entry won't count.
-2) No flash animation. Animated GIF's are acceptable, but file size can not exceed 80k. Static banners are preferred, as these ads are less annoying, generally speaking.
-3) Post each submission on this thread as an attached photo image, one banner per reply. Multiple entries are encouraged, but a different contestant will be selected for each required banner size.
-4) Winning submissions will by selected Matt and Dean on November 15, 2010, and their decision will be final. They will select one each best 728x90, 160x600 and 300x250 banner, and 1st through 3rd place will be determined among these finalists.
-5) The three winning banners will replace all current DicE banners on this site November 20th, and Matt will personally ship the prize packages to each winner.

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