Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stripah Blitz
Yesterday I hit the East end of the Canal for a bit of fishing.The hunt for monster Stripers in on and they won't be here long.Because of a tip about seals spotted in the S. Plymouth/Manomet area I was thinking of hitting the beach off of  Scusset(seals eat the Bass).

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Walking out on the jetty I noticed I saw hundreds of birds and about 10 boats right at the edge of the bay.As if they were waiting on me the water lit up with Bass feeding on small bait fish with Gulls diving in for the scraps.With in an hour I had racked up nine but with no keepers(Striped Bass up to 28"/2 a day here in MA.) in the mix.This lasted for the next three hours.I will be heading back this afternoon and staying late looking for that cow that will end up dinner for me and the little woman.

For the record this is not me nor did I catch this fish,in case you couldn't tell.

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