Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paul's shit box makes another appearance
on the net...
Again with out him knowing or anyone asking.I think right now the bike is for sale as a 
production model on an Italian site,some club guys personal ride and now on this cover.It seems funny to me that it's all over the place and no one even know's who built it,or say that they did.

Since we are in party mode, we decided for our second issue we need to start a bike night in Baltimore. Even though we will be celebrating the release at Kundractic’s this weekend we decided that we need to do our own thing and Baltimore desperately needs a cool new bike night. So Lowside and White Boy Choppers have teamed up again to start a bike night and issue two release party Thursday, June 17 at the Brewers Hill Pub! Plenty of parking for bikes and cages (which is rare in the city) and a nice spot to have good food, drinks and people to hang with. Come support our cause from 6 til close and plan on being here once a month for the rest of your life! Or until they kick us out!
This bike was built by my buddy Paul Boyington of Plymouth,MA. and for right now it's his daily ride.It's a 70's Triumph loop modified and is using a KTM 570 plant.Pretty trick,you should see it.
Here it is out in my driveway last year with Lane's Shovel and my Trumpet.


  1. actually, you fucking retard, warren did that article, josh took the pictures all at paul's house. and it was warren who spoke to the editors at Lowside to get it in there. get your shit straight ya red-faced ass-hat.

  2. Hey douche bag let me tell you something.Paul is the one who told me about your picture taking and Paul is the one who told me you may have been looking to copy his shit.So let me tell you something else,I will fuckin lay you out when I see you for trying to be an Internet tough guy when you had your chance to speak your piece last Friday when you walked by with you cunt little buddy.I don't know what this is all about with the problem with me but I don't have to question anymore if you kids have a problem or not.Now I got a problem with you.See you soon mother fucka.

  3. Lane's shovel? Huh. Must have missed it. Maybe it's behind the Sportster.
    Nice site, heard so much about it. Still making friends on the internet I see.
    Oh yeah,watch out for that Weird Beard guy. I heard he is a spazz who has retard strength.
    See you soon buddy!

  4. To the clowns at the Coconut Customs blog:

    Listen,I don't know what ever the fuck it was that I ever did to you kids but I'd sure like you to tell me face to face in stead of this computer tough guy shit.The only one of you I even know is Dylan and he is obviously a two faced piece of shit.And Warren,you don't have a fuckin clue who I am dude.You got no business talkin to me like that.Why didn't you silly little punks say anything Fri. night when you looked me right in the face in front of Bostons?Oh and Warren,I'm gonna assume you were throwing me the finger the other night when you shot passed me the atm.I barley saw you but I wondered.Consider that finger broken.
    Hey,I'm free till 5pm today, let's meet up somewhere and hash this out like adults unless you ain't at that stage yet.You name the place and I'll be there when you boys think your ready and you can all come,bring your mama if you want,she can have some too.I could even stop by on Constitution if you want,but that would just be sad.

    By the way,do your selves a favor,if you can't man up then shut up.Stop with the messaging.This lame ass attempt to look all grown up is a little sad.Put on your big boy pants and bring your asses out to play.Until then out of my fuckin way.

    P.S.-This is from Mike Painter saying this.I ain't hiding behind any fake names.


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